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Daylight Review

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The release of a new game engine can be a significant milestone for the industry, especially if it is one of the more popular engines. Unreal Engine 4 has recently been released, but instead of the first UE4 game being a grand AAA title from a major developer or publisher, it is Daylight, a game from a much smaller team at independent games developer Zombie Studios.

Daylight is a survival horror game that sets you in a procedural generated, abandoned hospital. Every time you start a new game you get a brand new game world to surprise and shock you. The history of the hospital is revealed to you as you play, and simply put, it is an unpleasant one. You do not know why you are there, you do not know how to get out, you only know to move forward and hopefully escape alive.

Daylight has received an M rating from the ESRB for violence and language. As none of the media in this review is censored, if such content is inappropriate for you, then this review likely is as well.

Should we strive to reach the light or let the darkness surround? Read on to find out.






  1. Daylight Review - Introduction
  2. Daylight Review - Graphics
  3. Daylight Review - Story
  4. Daylight Review - Gameplay
  5. Daylight Review - Additional Media
  6. Daylight Review - Conclusion
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