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Day One: Garry's Incident Review


Day One: Garry's Incident

When I first previewed Day One, I said that the "concept is a compelling one." That is still true, but it does fall a bit short on execution. There's potential there for a good, if not great game, but it hasn't quite gotten there yet. Fortunately, the developer seems dedicated to fixing bugs, improving the game, and listening to customer suggestions – so that alone is reason enough to keep your eye on this.

I personally did not encounter any game-breaking bugs, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that several people have. In my five hour playthrough, I encountered just one missing texture (on a random, meaningless pot in the labyrinth) and one crash. I ran the game at 1920x1080 with all the graphics options turned on with my current system running an i7 3770K, GTX460, and 16GB RAM on Windows 7 64-bit. One thing I will say, based on customer feedback, is that the game does not like integrated graphics solutions or multi-GPU setups, so if you cannot disable those and run a single discrete card, don't even bother with this game.







As I mentioned earlier in the review, I do not feel the current $20 price tag is justified at this time, but with a little work, Wild Games Studio can certainly change that. The studio has already done a great job squashing bugs and fulfilling player requests (including FOV adjustment added just prior to release based on customer feedback), so the potential is certainly there. At the very least, add Day One to your wishlist so Steam notifies you when it goes on sale. By the time the next big Steam Sale comes around, the game may be updated enough where it becomes a steal.


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