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Day One: Garry's Incident Review


Day One: Garry's Incident

Aside from the crafting, the big sell of the game is that it's a survival adventure game – a genre that is typically underrepresented. Sadly, Day One falls a bit short under that characterization. While the game features both a hunger bar and thirst bar, food and water is never in short supply. You'll find a plentiful amount of mangos and bananas, which fills your hunger bar a small amount, or you can cook fish and meat (after crafting a fire), either of which will fill up your hunger bar completely. When you get thirsty, you simply have to press C (by default) while at any water source to fill your thirst gauge completely. If you want to be safe, you can craft a leather flask to hold one swig of water for when you're not near a water source, but even while in the underground labyrinth, there were plenty of sources of water that I never actually needed to use the flask. And that's the crux of the problem – the survival elements may be there, but I never actually felt any urgency. The studio has said it will add in weather and shelter, as well as an endless survival mode outside of the story mode, but until that happens, the survival aspect of the game is minimal.








Combat is also rather simplistic, though it can be rather difficult early on when you're equipped with a mere machete and just a small amount of ammo for an old-school pistol. An update to the game has since made combat a bit easier, but when I played prior to the update, it was extremely easy to get killed until I deployed a hit-and-run-and-repeat method of attacking. There is a block command in the game, but it merely reduces damage rather than negates it (half damage when I played it; quarter damage after an update). As such, I found that the best method for dispatching tribesmen (when I didn't want to use my gun), was to start my machete swing as I approached an enemy so that it would hit when I got near, then backtrack while holding SHIFT to retreat faster, then repeat that action until the enemy was killed (four hits prior to the update). However, once I got to the underground labyrinth, I typically had more than enough ammo for my 9mm (superior to the old-school pistol), and was able to dispatch enemies with two shots to the head or torso.


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