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Day One: Garry's Incident Review


Day One: Garry's Incident

The premise of Day One is an ambitious one for an indie developer to tackle and as such, it's unsurprisingly not without issues. The biggest issue is that the game feels incomplete. It took me a mere five hours to beat the game and that was with getting lost, backtracking at one point, dying a lot, and doing a few completely meaningless side quests. A short play length isn't necessarily a bad thing, except that the game ends abruptly, followed by a screen thanking you for your support and inviting you to visit the studio's Facebook page to offer your opinions and suggestions for the "next chapter." Coupled with the abrupt ending that I will not spoil, it makes the experience feel very much like it's still an episodic one. For the $20 price tag, I expected something more.








While it does feel a bit incomplete, there is promise and potential. Developer Wild Games Studio has said that it will be adding new content and game modes for free. If that happens, the value of the game will certainly increase. But I cannot review a game based on its future possibilities, so for now, it's hard to recommend at the current asking price.

The incomplete feel aside, I did actually enjoy the game. Despite recycling textures, the environments look nice and believable, especially the jungle – the foliage is dense, just as you'd expect it. That being said, don't expect Far Cry or Crysis levels of foliage-interactivity – the grass and branches don't move when you brush by them, nor can you take down a tree with some well-placed bullets. Wild Games Studio did a great job with visual immersion, but fell flat beyond that. In addition, there's also the matter of invisible walls preventing you from jumping atop rocks that otherwise seem very reachable. I have no problem with the use of invisible walls on the edges of the map, but I see no reason why the player shouldn't be allowed to traverse all the terrain within the confines of the map. Even though it does little to disrupt the gameplay, it does seem like an arbitrary restriction and one that diminishes the open-world feel.




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