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Darksiders 4-Years Later Review



Inspired by multiple religious writings, Darksiders contains many references to prophesized events and supernatural characters. Obviously the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are discussed, along with Archangels of Heaven, and some Greater Demons of Hell. Without a great knowledge of the various allegories, chances are much of it will pass you by, but the characters of Darksiders are all well introduced and described, so you will not be missing out on anything.

As described earlier, the game begins at the end of days, with War arriving at Earth to fulfill his duty as a horseman. He is alone though and is eventually defeated. Before that happens, Abbadon, the Archangel leading Heaven's forces, makes a comment that piques War's curiosity.

After his defeat, War is brought before the Charred Council, a group of beings that have been acting as arbiters between Heaven and Hell. The Horsemen are in service to them, but now War is being accused of breaking ancient law by going to Earth and initiating the battle. He asserts his claim that the battle was raging when he arrived, but the Council ignores this. Only because War suggests he is returned to Earth to find the truth or be destroyed by the demons ther, is he not executed. The Council does not trust him though, so they bind to him a being named the Watcher. This being effectively has War on a leash and can even kill him if War refuses any commands.








Once on Earth, War has little choice but to deal with certain demons, including Vulgrim, the merchant, and Samael, the Blood Prince. As both characters are introduced fairly early in the game, I will share some information that may be considered spoilerish.

Samael is described as a being with power to rival that of the Dark Prince, and is a primary source of knowledge for War. The demon knows where to find the great demons War will have to defeat to advance, and provides War with certain tools to aid him on the quest. Samael also encourages War to unleash his inner power, which he will need to challenge the Destroyer.


All of these characters, and some more I cannot mention without getting into spoilers, are very well introduced, described, and explored throughout the game. It may take some time into the game to reveal the many facets and connections of these characters, but I for one find it all to have been done very well.

The story itself is also very well told and is an interesting tale that could hold a player's attention even with less of the nuance you can find throughout. Truly this is an exceptional story, in my opinion, and it supports the action-adventure gameplay very well, leading you to explore and return to places. Darksiders may also have one of my favorite endings for a video game, as it both concludes one chapter and implies the beginning of another, greater chapter.

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