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Darksiders 4-Years Later Review

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At the end of days, it is said four riders will come as harbingers of the destruction, but what if only one were to arrive and not at the appointed time? Summoned to Earth where the war between Heaven and Hell is raging, War, Horseman of the Apocalypse, fights the forces before him and is struck down. Brought before his masters, he must answer for the destruction of humanity and strikes a bargain with them. Instead of killing him, let him return to Earth to seek out those who broke the law and brought about the Apocalypse before its time. Either he will prove his innocence, or be killed in his weakened state.

This is the premise behind Darksiders, an action-adventure game that gives players control of War on his quest of vengeance. This will take you through a ruined Earth where demons reign, angels are hunted, and humans are extinct. Armed with your blade, Chaoseater, you will hunt down those responsible for what has transpired and grow in power to match the Destroyer.

Considering you are playing as a personification of War, it should not be surprising that this game received an M rating for Blood and Gore, and Violence. It also contains some suggestive material, specifically the somewhat revealing outfits of the female demonic enemies. If this content is not appropriate for you, then chances are this review is not either, as the media it contains has not been censored.

Released four years ago, shall we ride with War again, or leave the horseman to his fate? Read on to find out.




  1. Darksiders Review - Introduction
  2. Darksiders Review - Graphics
  3. Darksiders Review - Story
  4. Darksiders Review - Gameplay
  5. Darksiders Review - Additional Gameplay Media
  6. Darksiders Review - Conclusion
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