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Project Danger Den Water Box Plus Case (Part 4)

Price: Cpu block TBA , Gpu Block $134.95

Closer Look:

We are moving a little closer to the completion of our project case and have just a few more items to look at before we can start installing the hardware into our project case. Today, we will be looking at the CPU block and GPU blocks. The CPU block is Danger Den's newest CPU water block, the TDX Uni. It features a universal mounting plate that you can use with both AMD and Intel processors, so there is no worry with purchasing a dedicated block for one manufacturer or the other. In today's market of one-upmanship, one day's champion is the next day's runner up. With performance flipping back and forth between CPU manufacturers so frequently, it is nice to have the option of not having to buy a new block every time you change hardware. For the time being, we will be using this system on a hot running Intel Core2Duo E6700.


The CPU block comes in a non-descript white box with the contents carried on a plain black and white label. Why spend a lot of money on packaging when you can focus on the product. Usually plain wrappers contain a nice surprise inside (at least for women). Let's see if we will find a gem inside this wrapper.



The first items inside the box are the instructions and mounting hardware. In the compartment under is the TDX UNI.



The TDX UNI CPU water block is a universal design that features mounting options for a range of platforms, including AMD socket A/462, 754, 939, 940 and AM2. Along the Intel side of the fence, support is there for socket 478 and LGA775. As with the rest of our sytem, 1/2" fittings are the way to go to maximize the flow through the system. The CPU block ships with a protective adhesive membrane over the contact surface of the block to prevent any damage or scuffing of the CPU contact surface.



After pulling the protective membrane off of the CPU block, I was pleasantly surprised by the finish on the block. The block is machine lapped and polished to above 1200 grit. If you have ever lapped a heatsink, you know what the benefits are from lapping a cooler. A smoother surface can increase surface contact and help cool more efficiently. This type of a finish is something that more manufacturers should strive for. This is another of the small things that sets Danger Den apart from the rest of the crowd.

  1. Closer Look (TDX UNI Cpu Block)
  2. Closer Look (TDX UNI Accessories, Specifications)
  3. Closer Look (GPU Full coverage block)
  4. Closer Look ( DD-8800gts Full coverage block,Accessories)
  5. Specifications & Features
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