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DangerDen Custom Water Cooling Kit Review

Price: $300 USD


Water cooling has been around a very long time. Way back when, water cooling was mostly used in large servers to keep the heat down. However, water cooling your desktop computer hasn't been around very long. Over the past several years, water cooling has sparked a huge interest with overclockers. Overclockers aren't the only ones that will find interest in water cooling. If your computer is in a hot environment or if you're just looking for a much quieter way to cool your computer, you'll probably have a particular interest in water cooling. Since water cooling uses water to cool your CPU and not air, it makes it a very quiet cooling solution.

Submergible vs. Inline Pumps

When buying or building a water cooling system you will find that there are two types of water pumps you can buy, a submergible and an Inline pump. A submergible pump, simply sits submerged in water (a reservoir) and draws water in to the pump while under water. It then pumps the water out of the reservoir and thru your radiator, waterblock(s), and other water cooling devices. Once the water has passed thru your water blocks and radiator it will be dumped back in to the reservoir. The big advantage of submergible pumps is that the pump is almost completely silent because of the water surrounding the pump. The disadvantage of submergible pumps is the heat the pump makes is released in to the water, which isn't a very good thing. We are trying to keep the water cool as possible, and the heat from the pump doesn't help. Then there is always the problem with finding a reservoir big enough for your pump to sit down in.

Personally I like Inline pumps better because they don't release the heat in to the water like the submergible pumps do. Inline pumps are easier to install, more accessible, and don't release heat in to the water. The biggest disadvantage of inline pumps, is the noise factor. They aren't loud, but they do make a soft hum just like aquarium pumps. Another downside of inline pumps, is the heat they produce. If your going to mount the pump in your computer case, you should make sure you have plenty of air circulation to vent out the heat made by the pump.

What's Included?

It really depends on what your order from DangerDen.com because the kits are custom. You may want your water cooling system 1/2" or you may want to go with the 3/8" route. You can choose from the water block down to which type of fittings you want. The best way to understand what I'm talking about, you should surf on over to their website.

Here is everything I got in my cooling kit:

  • Maze 3 AMD waterblock
  • Geforce 4 waterblock
  • Black Ice Extreme radiator
  • Papst Fan w/ 4pin connector
  • Eheim 1250 pump
  • Clear plexi reservoir
  • 4oz Water Wetter
  • 3/8" Hose clamps
  • 3/8" fittings
  • 7' hose 3/8" ID w/ 1/8" walls

  • Specifications:



    Maze 3




    3" x 2.125" x 7/8"


    Machined Lapped

    Pressure Threshold

    85 psi

    Thermal Resistance

    .22 °C/W

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    6. Testing
    7. Testing (Continued) & Conclusion
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