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Danger Den Water Box Plus Case (Part 3)

Price: Radiator $99.95 , Tubing $2.80 ft , Fans $19.00 ea USD

Closer Look:

We have looked at the case and pump for our project and now have reached the next item in the cooling loop, the radiator. This is the device that actually transfers the heat generated by the cpu, graphics card and pump from the liquid medium to the surrounding atmosphere. This is accomplished the same way as on a motor vehicle. With the motor vehicle the heat is generated by the combustion cycle instead of a piece of silicon. The heat is transfered to the liquid coolant (antifreeze), and that is continuously recirculated through the motor by a water pump. The radiator has a fan pulling air through it, exhausting the heat to the atmosphere and lowering the temperature of the coolant. In all, its a pretty efficient process that is the same across both platforms.


The box the radiator came in is a simple cardboard box labeled on the end to identify the product.



Opening the box we can see that the radiator is nestled inside with a blocked-off section containing the fittings and mounting screws.



The fittings we have chosen for the kit are 1/2" and are included along with the mounting screws for the fans and case mounting. The fittings come with an o-ring seal, but no additional means of sealing. I used teflon tape as an additional means of sealing the fitting to prevent any leaks.



The fittings screw into the face of the end of the radiator. Screw the fittings in until the o-ring touches the base and tighten down until the o-ring starts to bulge.


  1. Closer Look (Radiator, Fans, Tubing)
  2. Closer Look (Radiator, Fans, Tubing)
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