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Custom sand blasted plexi window from PC-Windows.net

Price: $40-$60


Today I have a very unique item that I will be reviewing. It's a custom sand blasted plexi window! With a custom sand blasted window you can show off your uniqueness, if you know what I mean. If your not very good with artwork, PC-Windows.net has over 20 designs to choose from! Why have a window sand blasted when you can go buy the sticker appliques cheaper? Well simply put, a sand blasted window refracts more light thru than a sticker. Can they do an AMD or Intel design? NO, they cannot do any design that is copyrighted unless you get written permission from AMD or Intel saying that you can.

Here are a lot of pictures of the custom design that I had done, and a few other designs you can choose from on their site.





Very close view. See how well it refracts the blue light?

Thanks to PC-Windows.net for this picture.

Here are a few other custom designs you can buy from Pc-windows.net

Thanks to PC-Windows.net for this picture.

Thanks to PC-Windows.net for this picture.

Thanks to PC-Windows.net for this picture.

Thanks to PC-Windows.net for this picture.

There really isn't any picture that can show the details of this window, than seeing it for yourself in real life. Take my word on it, it looks awesome!

If your looking to be unique at your next lan party, then you should think about getting one of these custom sand blasted windows! I am very pleased with the workmanship of the window. Since the window is actually made of acrylic, it will not scratch as easy as plexiglass would. I'd like to thank PC-Windows.net for providing this AWESOME custom made window for us to review! They are very dedicated in their work, and they custom make/design every window by hand. They can also make about any size window you want, and not to mention about any design! You can choose from their list of over 20 designs, or you can just email them a graphic of your own. I think this would be an awesome idea for clan members, as you could have your clan name/tag on your window at your next lan.

SPECIAL Just for being an OverclockersClub site goer you get 10% off, if you buy our design from PC-Windows.net! Go buy one and show your support!

  • Refracts light 200% better than a sticker
  • Custom made
  • Very high quality workmanship
  • Acrylic

  • None!

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