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Cubitek Magic Cube 8HDD Review



Seemingly the only downfall this case has is its requirement for longer data cables. Otherwise, this case has the makings of something great. It has a nice brushed black almuminum look inside and out. The case excels at keeping your componets cooler than other cases and it accomplishes this by isolating heat sources from one another. With its modular design though, there of course is the added setback of more space being taken up. But given what it accomplishes in temperature reduction, it certianly mitigates this problem. The case didn't wire-manage well, but did manage to keep wires out of the way of fans well enough. It could have a little more space for large heatsinks, but it is at least adequate enough to still fit one in with the top fan still installed.

Despite the few setbacks the case has, it balances out well with big features like the ability to hold eight hard disks or even E-ATX support. So you might be wondering how you can get your hands on this case. Well a quick google search finds very few e-tailers carrying the case and of the ones that do, none of them are in North America. Current exchange rates from Euros to USD puts this case with a decent price tag of $288.44, putting it right up there with competitors like the ThermalTake Level 10 GT.



  • Modular design for better cooling
  • Includes six fans
  • Black polished aluminum in and out
  • E-ATX support
  • Supports eight hard disk drives
  • Support for heatsinks up to 180mm in size



  • Modular design takes up added space
  • Needs longer data wires for hard drives and optical drives
  • Could do with more space behind the motherboard tray for wires
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