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Crysis and Crysis Warhead 7+ Years Later Review



Should we put the Nanosuits back on and uncover the alien threat again? If you are looking for a good and beautiful FPS, then I can definitely recommend these classics. Yes I do feel that Warhead is the better of the two, as far as gameplay is concerned, but I do not think it should be played without also playing the original Crysis. It provides context, and despite its faults, is still a good game.

The graphics are still top-notch, the stories are good, and while the gameplay can have its issues, both games offer a pretty solid experience. Performance could be a problem for some, depending on their hardware. Even though my GTX 980 was only able to keep the games in the 30s, that does not mean lesser cards cannot do the same, even at max settings, as I am suspicious of the games' optimization. Besides, turning down the graphics is not a bad thing if it lets you get in the game.










  1. Crysis and Crysis Warhead Review - Introduction
  2. Crysis and Crysis Warhead Review - Graphics
  3. Crysis and Crysis Warhead Review - Story
  4. Crysis and Crysis Warhead Review - Gameplay
  5. Crysis and Crysis Warhead Review - Additonal Gameplay Media
  6. Crysis and Crysis Warhead Review - Conclusion
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