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Crysis 2 4-Years Later Review



Should we fight the Ceph and put the Nanosuit on once again? In general, I am going to say no, but on sale, I say 'why not.' I prefer not to bring price into reviews, but I think it helps qualify my recommendation for Crysis 2. It is a fun game that, as far as the gameplay is concerned, is just too short for my liking, and its very linear design does not help much. If you have it and want to play an enjoyable FPS, go ahead and get into the game, but if you are thinking about purchasing it, I recommend you watch for a sale.

While the gameplay is fun, the story is not as solid as I would prefer, contains plot-holes, and definitely teases future games. On its own that is not bad, but generally I would like to see a sequel answer more questions than present more. The graphics do look good, but these are not the generation-defying looks you may expect given the title. It looks like a more modern game built for the previous generation of consoles, which just means it looks like so much more could have been done.








  1. Crysis 2 Review - Introduction
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