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Crysis 2 4-Years Later Review



I am just going to cut straight to the point. One of the complaints I had about the original Crysis was that I never felt like a supersoldier in it. That is far from the case in Crysis 2. That is not to say I could always walk into a fight and win, but that I could walk in, find out that was a stupid idea, and be able to escape to cover to develop a new plan, without dying. On higher difficulties I do not doubt that this would not be as possible, but then I was not playing on those.

A primary reason to this appears to be that the Nanosuit 2.0 affords you a greater health reserve, so you can take more shots before you go down. I could see someone making an argument that the health is too high, and it probably could be tuned down some without crossing below that abstract supersoldier threshold. That is not to say fights are not threatening or challenging; they definitely still are, but you have some tolerance to play with.

One half-issue with the health is that there is no health meter. All you get is the 'red jelly' on the screen, as some people describe it, and a Health Critical warning when appropriate. Maybe it is not necessary here, but it is still unfortunate to not have it.

What you do have is the energy meter, which is exceedingly important. This is the energy that your four suit powers draw from: Armor, Strength, Cloak, and Nanovision. Cloak does exactly what you expect; it makes you invisible. It does have one interesting tweak to it in that you can actually fire a single shot without becoming uncloaked, assuming you were at full energy before. This is helpful when you are sniping as it gives you time to hide between shots.



Armor was the passive power in the previous games, but now it is an active ability, and a very powerful one at that. With Armor mode activated, you are able to sustain a lot of damage before your health is touched. Curiously it also has the effect of increasing your zoom for some weapons when entering the scope. At least I noticed this when carrying around a heavy machine gun, which I did as often as I could.

Even though Armor has received some serious changes, Strength is probably the most overhauled of the abilities. It is responsible for enhancing both your strength and speed, and is only utilized when necessary. Instead of being an active mode you toggle on and off, it is activated when you run, when you charge up a melee attack, throw, or jump, and when you want to stabilize a weapon. This makes it much more fluid to use with the action. It is a little frustrating that the only run you have is the enhanced run, so the only way you can go faster is to expend power, which you may want for your armor or cloak.


Nanovision I almost forgot about. It is basically heat-sensing, so it lets you see and mark targets that are obscured by dust clouds. Personally I rarely found myself using it, especially since it drains energy, except during those times the game was designed to make you use it, or the times it just gets really dark. When it gets dark, the screen practically goes black, so you can easily get lost. At least I never noticed the enemies being able to share targeting information, so even if one sees you in the dark somehow, they will not all immediately engage you.

Each of these abilities, and more, can be upgraded by unlocking suit nodes. These nodes represent the RPG-like characteristics I mentioned in the introduction, as they can add abilities, like being able to see bullet-paths in the air, an air stomp, and can improve the effectiveness of the activated abilities. I personally like the node that improved cloaking, as I often used it to simply walk around threats, either to a better position, or to just avoid the fight. The choice was mine, and I appreciate that.

Besides the suit customization, you are also able to customize your weapons to a degree with the attachments you pick up. These include silencers, different scopes, extended magazines, and even additional weapons. Some weapons can support attached grenade launchers as well as small shotguns. These can be pretty useful, if only to mitigate the two-weapon limit.



You can only carry two weapons, not counting explosives. That includes handguns, unlike the previous games. You also are not able to dual wield, or if you are, I never figured out how. The stats for the weapons can be displayed before picking them, allowing you to compare weapons, and can be shown when you are putting on attachments.

One thing I cannot forget to mention is that the game uses checkpoints exclusively. There is no quicksave functionality, so you may be sent back further than you would think for a silly mistake. Perhaps as a trade-off, suit upgrades and weapon attachments are tied to your profile, instead of your placement in the campaign. That means that if you replay missions to find collectibles (yes, there are collectibles) you will have everything you have unlocked, but may need to find your preferred weapons again. This includes if you play on a different difficulty.



With that in mind, the game tells me I played for just six hours and 56 minutes. Even for an FPS that is pretty short, so that pseudo-NG+ set up I just mentioned comes in handy. From what I can gather online, the multiplayer is no longer working, so all you can really expect out of Crysis 2 for gameplay is the campaign and collectible hunt.

To put it simply, the gameplay is fun and fairly well designed, too. Oh, there are definitely some things I would have like to see different (more weapons, for example), but I have no real complaints to offer up in that regard. The short campaign, however, is an issue. Unless you need to hunt collectibles or enjoy playing on harder difficulties, I am not sure this game offers quite enough to satisfy.


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