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Crysis 2 4-Years Later Review



Crysis 2 begins with the new playable character, Alcatraz, on board a submarine with his group of Marines, heading into New York City to extract Dr. Gould, who they believe can help combat the Ceph, the aliens encountered in the original games. The city has also been devastated by a disease called the Manhattan Virus and is under martial law, with C.E.L.L. soldiers doing the policing. Before long the sub is attacked by the Ceph, destroying it, and almost killing you in the process. This is when Prophet appears, wearing his Nanosuit, fights off the Ceph, and rescues you.

At this point you do not fully know what is going on, and in some ways that never changes throughout the game. What happens next is that Prophet puts you in his Nanosuit (which is actually a plot hole, since it is supposed to take a special skinning machine to remove the suit) and kills himself, so that the suit can accept your DNA profile. Before dying, Prophet embeds memories into the suit, in order to explain things to Alcatraz, including that Prophet has the Manhattan Virus, which is why a new driver for the suit is needed. Now you have to get to Gould, who Prophet was working with. This is complicated by the fact that the C.E.L.L. forces think you are Prophet and want him very dead.









Due to damage to his body, Alcatraz is unable to speak, so he is never able to identify who he is, but when Gould finds out, the suit displays Prophet's memory to explain. Apparently Gould and Prophet have discovered that the Nanosuit may have the capacity to stop the Ceph and the Manhattan Virus they made to exterminate humans. The suit has a strong ability to adapt, so when exposed to Ceph genetic material, it is able to analyze and integrate it. In fact it is this genetic material that is used to unlock suit nodes for special or improved abilities. The suit's adaptation is also the only thing keeping Alcatraz alive, as its fibers entered and repaired his otherwise fatal wounds.

There is a fair amount going on in Crysis 2, but it is not always explained to you when it is immediately relevant. Throughout the game you are just being ordered around to complete one mission or another, and while these missions are important to complete, it is still a somewhat restrictive and very linear narrative.



In addition to the plot hole I mentioned above, there is also an issue with the Ceph. Even though they are identified as the same aliens as were encountered in the original games, they have a very different appearance. In the first games they almost exclusively used exosuits that could fly and always utilized weapons that removed energy from targets, flash freezing them. They are also seen as being blue. Yet in Crysis 2 none of their exosuits can fly, none of the weapons freeze, and the aliens are red. Much of the lighting on their technology is also red where again blue had been the dominant color before. No explanation is ever given for these changes, which I find disappointing.

Another continuity issue like this is that you would think that following the events of the original game, either the whole of the Earth would be in a state of war against the Ceph, or that the events had been contained and kept secret, so as not to cause global panic. Neither options seems to be the case though, as there are Ceph ships flying around New York City, so the public would have to know, and yet there is no significant and coherent effort to fight them. For example, the C.E.L.L. forces are dedicated to capturing and/or killing Prophet, and while they will engage the Ceph, you are their ultimate target, despite the fact that you are the most capable person at killing the Ceph. In-fighting seems to be the main enemy for characters other than yourself, even though an alien invasion is taking place.

It really just felt to me like there was more set up than a payoff and that the payoff is going to come outside this game. Beyond that, the story is just quite linear and gives you little ability to explore, even if you want to. You will regularly come across people suffering the Manhattan Virus, but you will never have the ability to stop and attempt to help them, find out if they can be helped, or anything. It is like you are just along for the ride and someone else is driving.


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