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Crysis 2 4-Years Later Review

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Once more we return to the Crysis franchise with Crysis 2, which is set just three years after the original game. A fair amount has happened in that time, but far more happens during the game. Instead of an island to explore, Crysis 2 is set in New York City, which has been devastated by the Manhattan Virus, and as you can probably guess, you are the only person that can save everyone.

Like its predecessors, Crysis 2 is an FPS action game, in which the playable character wears an advanced Nanosuit that provides special abilities. This is actually a newer Nanosuit than the first game, with several game-changing tweaks, including some RPG-like elements. You will need those improvements, too, in order to fight the Ceph and C.E.L.L. forces.

Also like the original Crysis games, this one has earned an ESRB rating of M, for blood, violence, strong language, and partial nudity. I actually had to read the rating summary to figure out why the partial nudity descriptor was listed, but the other three are enough for that rating anyway. As I do not censor the gameplay media used in these reviews, you may not want to read this review, if such content is inappropriate for you.

Is it worth jumping back into the Nanosuit and the fight, or should New York be left to its fate? Read on to find out.








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