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NZXT Cryo S Review

Price: $49.99


If you are an owner of a laptop, as many people are these days, you might have noticed that when you use it, a considerable amount of heat is generated. While it may not bother you very much, that heat is something that all computers generate, and too much of it can cause your computer to become unresponsive or start glitching. Luckily, there are several solutions out there that help laptops dissipate some of that heat by changing how the laptop sits on your desk, as well as adding fans. One of these devices is that NZXT Cryo S notebook cooler. Earlier, I reviewed this cooler's larger brother, which is designed for large laptops, but the Cryo S is designed with 15" laptops in mind.


Closer Look:

The packaging that the NZXT Cryo S notebook cooler came in is a pretty standard looking cardboard box that opens in a clamshell fashion. It also has a small handle on the top so that you can carry the box out of the store if you don't buy it online. On the back of the box is another image of the actual product, as well as a listing of its features in several different languages.












Opening the box reveals the actual cooler on top, covered in red plastic to keep the cooler from getting scratched during shipping. Under the cooler is a small pamphlet with instructions on how to set up and use the cooler, and several cables. The cables that are included are a wall wart to allow the cooler's fans to be powered from the AC inside your home, a USB to power cord so the fans can be run off your laptop's USB powernbus, and a USB to USB cable so the cooler can double as a hub.



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