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Cremax Icy Dock Bodyguard 525 MB228 (Multi-Function Transfer Rack)

Cremax USA Corp.
Price: $59.99~$69.99 MSRP

When people think about what needs to be cooled, they tend to think about the CPU, GPU, and even the system chipset, heck even the power supply gets some love. Can you think of what other device produces a good amount of heat? Believe it or not, the hard drive gets fairly warm just sitting there spinning around. Inside that box you call a hard drive is motors, spinning platters, and other moving parts, all of which produce heat. Heat generated from the HDD can cause two major problems, first is it can cause the rest of the system to be warmer, and second, it can shorten the lifespan of your HDD. Today, we'll be looking at a brand new product from Cremax, which is designed to help keep your precious HDD cool - The Icy Dock Bodyguard 525 MB228.



  Model MB228MGF
  Device Space 5.25" Half height device x 1
  Suitable Drive Support 1 standard 1" height HDD
  Backlight LCD Display

- HDD Accesss
- Temperature of positions
- Fan failure/Overheat alarm
- HDD Master/Slave status
- Alarm function

  Settable Items

- Temperature alarm
- Adjustable case by rotator
- 3 sets of temperature detector selection
- Switch able °C or °F
- Resettable HUTR status

  Temperature Setting 20.0°C ~ 80.0°C (50.0°C Default)
  Temperature Display 10.0°C ~ 90.0°C
  Cooling fan 40 x 40 x 10 mm
  Material Plastic and Aluminum alloy
  Dimension (WxHxD) 148.0 x 42.0 x 184.0 mm
  Weight 400g


A Closer Look


Inside the box was the Icy Dock, user guide, and a little bag that contained four mounting screws and six pieces of tape for the thermal sensors.


A Close Look
Looking at the unit, the first thing we see is a rotary knob labeled "Fan Speed," and a three position switches labeled "Temp." Just as you might expect, the rotary knob adjust the fan speed for the external fan, and the three positions on the temp switch change the temperature readout.

Next, we have the LCD readout. Bright green backlight keeps the unit easily readable in a dark room. The LCD is packed with lots of information, everything from a Master/Slave drive indicator, HDD Access, to temperature and visual alarm.

Another cool things about the faceplate, is it slides easily to cover the rotary/temp switch.

Looking at the inside of the unit, we have two 50mm fans. In front of the fans are two of the mounts for the HDD complete with rubber silencer.

Here we see the controller board. The three temp probes connect at the bottom, while the two fans, and extra fan adapter connect at the top.

And, what is a PC accessory without it's wires? Here you can see the three temp probes, power connectors, and HDD LED connecters. The HDD connector has two parts, once that connects to the motherboard, and the other that plugs into the HDD case LED. This allows the Icy Dock to display HDD access without sacrificing the case LED.

Well, that's the guts... now how well does it work?


To test the unit I placed two thermal probes on the main HDD of my PC. One probe on the top, and the other on the bottom.

I used a combination of Sandra and HD Tach to benchmark the HDD where I could get a load temp, and to get the idle temp, I let the PC sit idle for 15 minutes. Thermal probes were used to take temperature readings from the top and bottom of the HDD. Test were run with the HDD by itself in a drive bay, and then again with the HDD in the Icy Dock.

Drive Alone - Top
Drive Alone - Bottom
Icy Dock - Top
Icy Dock - Bottom

As you can see, the Icy Dock did keep the HDD several degrees cooler. Not only that, but when the HDD temp got over 50.0°C (default), an ear piercing alarm sounded. This is one alarm that you won't miss when it sounds. I'm just glad you can adjust the alert temp. :)


The Icy Dock has it all - performance, bells and whistles, and a few other odds and ends all packed with a cool look. And top it off, installing a HDD into it is a snap (Well.. actually, its a screw). The only downside that the Icy Dock has is it's price, at an MSRP of $59.99~$69.99, that's a good chunk of cash for 6°C.



  • Sliding Faceplate / Cool Look
  • Easy to Read LCD
  • Keeps HDD Cool for Longer Life span
  • Three Temperature Probes
  • High Temp Alarm
  • HDD Installs Easy


  • Price


Big thanks to the gang at Cremax USA Corp. for sending this to us for review.

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