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Cougar Solution Chassis Review



In conclusion I don’t think the COUGAR Solution is my solution for an amazing build. The flaws it has in build arrangement and cable issues keeps this case from being a top contender among mid-tower chassis. Arguing its low price doesn’t make it worth the effort, and it won't bring home any awards. The front audio cable blocking a crossfire setup can be enough to call it quits before ever taking a serious look at this case. The fact that not enough time or effort was put into considering how long the pre-wired cables should be likely means there wasn’t much thought put into the overall design of the case. Looking “pretty” on the outside isn’t enough. Inside functionality of hardware placement and consideration for the generation outside the floppy era shouldn’t be missing. 1987 marked the introduction of the beloved 1.44 MB floppy drive; it is now 2012, and they are almost collectors’ items anymore. I honestly still have a floppy drive, but it’s purpose is for shear laughter instead of actually running in any of cheapest builds today. I think COUGAR needs to think a little more about hardware setup and perhaps wire up a few rigs of their own before making their next case – little details go a long way.

Overall I’m genuinely not impressed, but for the cost it would be nice for an enthusiast who doesn’t have a lot of coin to dump into the case itself; however, I would recommend an NZXT Tempest or Source at an even cheaper cost over this one.




  • Front panel looks nice
  • Back panel provides plenty of room for backside cable routing



  • Layout not really thought-out properly
  • SSD mounts make cable connections difficult
  • Floppy drive mounts? Come on...
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