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Cougar Solution Chassis Review


Closer Look:

Now that it is out of the box we can take an up-close look at the chassis itself. The front inherits its looks from the Evolution with the honeycomb patterns on the bottom half of the case. A COUGAR logo breaks the case front into two with the top three external bays having a generic mesh pattern. The I/O layout is directly on the front of the case, while the top is strictly case body. It looks pretty nice and doesn’t have an overly cheap feel to it.

The back side of the case shows us a preview of another of COUGARs bright orange fans. There are a couple ports for water cooling; not that I would really want to do water cooling in a case of this size, but the holes are often nice for running other things externally as well. There are seven PCI-E slots which all mount externally (screws are on the back rather than inside your case). The bottom PSU mount is of standard design and is ready to be put to work.













Looking at the left and right of the case shows off the chassis' true low-cost appearance. It is rather plain and looks much like a pre-built body with a front face lift and a couple COUGAR-specified features. The holes for installing additional fans don’t have specific holes for mounting, which makes it look either very cheap or incredibly uniform. I can’t decide if I like it or not. The top at least has two discrete mounts for two fans. Unfortunately, to save on costs here you’ll have to deal with two thumbscrews on the left panel and two archaic case screws on the other side – better break out the handy screwdriver and your panel holding skills.



You can see what I/O options are available as we take a look at the front of the case. It’s a little short of the average front panel since it's missing a reset button and only provides a single USB 3.0 and single USB 2.0 port. It does have a jack for your microphone and headphones which is always nice. It’s simple, symmetrical in appearance, and provides just enough function. I grabbed a closer shot of the honeycomb pattern and COUGAR logo, and as you can see, the front looks very nice even though it is mostly plastic.



Overall, it’s not a bad looking case on the outside. It would be something I’d buy to house a low budget build or just to toss some old hardware in if necessary. The price seems to be right at least for what you are getting on the outside. With a few fans and maybe a little modding, this case could go a long way.

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