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Cougar Evolution Chassis Review



Overall, I didn’t love this case, but I didn’t hate it either. It left me right in the middle of plenty other cases that I’ve previously reviewed. However, it does have a hot swap bay available right on top, as I like. I’ve mentioned it time and time again; it’s just a nice feature that really adds to any chassis. It makes life so much easier from time to time and really doesn’t take up any extra build space. The fan controller is nifty, but its function falls short in my opinion. The power button being where it is and the flashy lights made it awkward and gave me no real feel of where the group A set of fans was, in comparison to that of group B. Additionally, it would be nice to be able to set the two at the exact same speeds (not just by having both maxed or both minimized).

The Evolution is a nice affordable case at its price and makes for a nice build when compared to other cases at this price. The docking station and fan controller put it ahead of some higher cost cases, but its size and execution of the fan controller hold it back a little in my opinion. I feel that it isn’t quite the full size case many of you associate with a full tower, so when they say midi size, think just like midi files, smaller. In any case, it’s a good buy and a great way to spice up a low-end gaming build.




  • Cost
  • Docking Station



  • Fan controller limited by power and accuracy control
  • Not so “full” in size
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