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COUGAR 700M Mouse and Speed Mouse Pad Review


COUGAR 700M Mouse and Speed Mouse Pad Conclusion:

But in the end…the COUGAR 700M and SPEED pad flourished. Towers, once wrecked and ravaged, rose toward the sky. Trees again took root, then blossomed. We all blossomed. Now go play yourself a game of The Yawhg; not that you can use this wonderful 700M, but I had to go there.

The 700M is quite the mouse if you give yourself time to adjust. Perhaps I've just been set in a style of mouse lately, but I did find this one in particular to be very difficult to get used to. Nonetheless, I did get used to it and it might be awhile before I decide one of you readers needs a new mouse (hint-hint for a giveaway), but we shall see. The lightness of the overall mouse, even with all weights in, was rather appealing, and it wasn't a cheap feel as you might expect. Light is generally associated with cheap plastic mice, but this was solid in quality and owes its light eight mainly to the aluminum frame.

The rubberized grip on the thumb portion and right side of the mouse were just enough to prevent slip and still added to the looks of the mouse. The palm rest was probably my biggest love-hate relationship with the mouse. I hated it to start with, but ultimately loved it. The adjustment lets you find a happy medium, even if it takes some time to get used to. The palm not being a full piece of the mouse, also really opens up the mouse for some serious airflow. I didn't think it made much of a difference, but I noticed my palm just never got sweaty with this mouse – not even in the warm afternoons before turning on the swamp cooler (yes, I live in a desert). The mouse is just open and somewhat designed to fit you, rather than the other way around. Ultimately, the 700M and the SPEED pad really make a neat couple, and that pair, in marriage, is ready to hit your desk to make you the happy third wheel in their great relationship.



  • Light weight – aluminum frame lets it be light and sturdy.
  • Palm adjustment lets you find your comfort – move it up and down, or swap out the "normal" for the "sport".
  • Additional buttons aren't hard to reach, nor right in your way.
  • Accent lighting from beneath the scroll wheel lets you color coordinate.



  • It's a bit funky looking and a bit hard to get used to.
  • Cost is a little high.
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  5. COUGAR 700M Mouse and Speed Mouse Pad: Testing & Results
  6. COUGAR 700M Mouse and Speed Mouse Pad: Conclusion
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