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COUGAR 700M Mouse and Speed Mouse Pad Review


COUGAR 700M Mouse Specifications:

Product Name:
COUGAR 700M gaming mouse
8200 DPI
32-bit ARM Cortex-M0
Game Type:
Polling Rate:
1000Hz / 1ms
On-board Memory:
Aluminum / Plastic
Programmable Buttons:
OMRON gaming switch
Profile LED Backlight:
16.8 million colors
Frame Rate:
12000 FPS
Maximum Tracking Speed:
150 IPS
Maximum Acceleration:
Golden-plated USB plug
Cable Length:
1.8m Braided
127(L) x 83(W) x 38(H) mm
Weight Adjusting:
4pc x 4.5g


COUGAR 700M Mouse Features:

  • ALUMINUM FRAMING STRUCTURE: Components are built on a folded aluminum chassis to provide lighter (only 110g min.), more rigid and robust manipulative feelings 
  • MUZZLE BRAKE SR: Extended metal tube inspired from the weapon can extend the durability of the cable during violent play and provide the better flexibility of the cable for smoother motion 
  • MULTI-COLOR PROFILE BACKLIGHT: Choose 1 out of 16.8 million colors and set a unique color to profile 
  • FIRE BUTTON: Ergonomic design and quickly simplify actions to press the fire button at key moments 
  • 45 SNIPER BUTTON: Provide a quick access, better stability and more precise aiming during game play 
  • ANTI-SLIP DESIGN: Unique hexagonal pattern on the left and right panel for highly slip resistant and sweat proof, provide optimal control to lift-off style gamers during game play 
  • 32-BIT ARM PROCESSOR: 700M has a little computer onboard and can do sophisticated computing fast and directly by itself- without relying on the gamer’s computer and without the need for software drivers 
  • 512KB ON-BOARD MEMORY: Storing up to 8 programmable keys functions within 3 separate profiles onboard and you can bring your setting to any PC without re-setup 
  • WEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: Weight cartridge contains four 4.5 gram metal weights, letting you to customize the mouse weight 
  • PALM REST HIGH/ LOW ADJUSTMENT (TOOL-LESS): In order for better palm supporting, the arched frame can be raised with the knob rotation 
  • INTERCHANGEABLE PALM REST (TOOL-LESS): You can change to “Sport Mode” by replacing the palm rest 
  • 8200 DPI PRECISION GAMING SENSOR TECHNOLOGY:ADNS-9800 high performance laser sensor for accuracy cursor control 


Information Provided By: http://www.cougar-world.com/products/mice/cougar_700m.html



COUGAR Speed Mouse Pad Specifications:

Width (mm/in):
450 / 177.1
Length (mm/in):
400 / 157.4
Thickness (mm/in):
4 / 0.16
Surface Material:
Polyester Fabric
Surface Color:
Base Material:
Nature Rubber
Base Color


COUGAR Speed Mouse Pad Features:

  • HIGH-DEFINITION TEXTURE SURFACE: High Definition texture design provides fast and extra smooth mouse sliding experience. Through the SPEED surface technology, gamer can enjoy the swiftness and smoothness that help them to bring on their fast and accurate movement 
  • GAMER TESTED: The SPEED surface material was tested by all gamer under the intensive gaming-operate circumstance, the optimized surface ensures an accurate targeting and well reliability 
  • OPTIMIZED 4mm THICKNESS: The thicker mouse pad cushion brings the better pressure relief on user's wrist, but too over thickness may cause some odd while switching between keyboard and mice. 4mm mouse pad cushion height can strike the balance between comfort and user friendly, and also match with the uneven desktop surface at the same time 
  • RIGHT ANGLE WAVE STRUCTURE ANTI-SLIP RUBBER BASE: Using the rubber material can enhance the power for mouse pad to grip on all kinds of desktop surface, and the combination of right angle structure and rubber can physically support the mouse pad against outer force from all different direction, and provide better stability. 
  • MOUSE PAD EDGE HEATED: The mouse pad applies localized edge heated process to increase the durability and brings the tidy fringe quality 
  • COMPATIBLE FOR LASER/OPTICAL MICE: Optimized for wild sensitivity settings and sensors, best match with high DPI mice. 
  • THREE DIFFERENT SIZE AVAILABLE: To fit all gamers' preference, we have multiple sizes (small, medium, large) available for different gaming environment and different gaming style 
  • SOFT CLOTH MATERIAL FOR BETTER PORTABILITY: The combination of cloth surface and rubber base makes to realize the high portability mouse pad 


Information Provided By: http://www.cougar-world.com/products/mouse_pad/speed_series.html

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