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COUGAR 700M Mouse and Speed Mouse Pad Review


COUGAR 700M Mouse (The Software):

The software for the COUGAR 700M mouse is not too shabby. It's pretty clean looking with only some grayscale coloring along with accented COUGAR orange, for the most part. The download for both a firmware update and for the software/driver are available on COUGAR's site. Both are relatively easy to find by going to the product page and clicking the DOWNLOAD tab. I will say the download tab provides you with both the 700M mouse firmware/driver and the 700K keyboard firmware/driver, so make sure you grab the right one!

On the first page of the application, it shows a picture of the 700M mouse in the bottom-left corner, as well as "700M Gaming Mouse" at the top of the screen. The main page, entitled "Performance", allows for DPI settings, polling rate, angle snapping, lift height, double-click speed, scroll speed, Sniper DPI settings, and a Windows pointer speed. The OK and Cancel buttons are curiously circle and X icons like you'd find on a PlayStation device, but at the same time, act as universal language of sorts.


Remembering you have three profiles to play with, we can move on to the next set of options shown on the left: "Key Assignment". This page has additional tabs within (Basic, Advance, and Macro), with additional options in those as well. Here we can use visual boxes to assign each of the buttons on the mouse. The idea of a "Sniper" button is oddly not set to anything by default, but is easily added by grabbing a button from one of the sub-menus of the "Advance" menu. Macros can be both designed and positioned using the last tab, "Macro".




The Macro designer was quite nice to play with as it allows for the "record" method of Macro setting, which lets you hit buttons at your timing pattern and/or adjust timing on the recorded mashup; much like many new software packages.


The last of the main menus is the "Lighting Control". Here is where you can adjust the RGB values of the LED beneath the scroll wheel. I will point out here, if you look at the LED, you can indeed see the specific red, green, and blue components. The color is not overly bright, nor does it really "shoot" out the end of the mouse as I may have been led to believe from the image. That being said, depending on the color you choose, it can be seen subtly in a dark room.

  1. COUGAR 700M Mouse and Speed Mouse Pad: Introduction
  2. COUGAR 700M Mouse and Speed Mouse Pad: Closer Look
  3. COUGAR 700M Mouse and Speed Mouse Pad: The Software
  4. COUGAR 700M Mouse and Speed Mouse Pad: Specifications & Features
  5. COUGAR 700M Mouse and Speed Mouse Pad: Testing & Results
  6. COUGAR 700M Mouse and Speed Mouse Pad: Conclusion
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