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COUGAR 700M Mouse and Speed Mouse Pad Review


COUGAR 700M Mouse and Speed Mouse Pad Closer Look:

Pulling the mouse and pad from tjeir respective boxes results in a much happier view. I will admit that the packaging for the mouse reminded me of toys as a child. The utter frustration of undoing twist ties from plastic-bound products is quite irritating. At least I didn't have to ask my dad to cut the un-twistable ones like I did as a child. The pad looks gigantic, and despite having the mouse and weights there for scale, I had to find something more to provide you with perspective. The SanDisk Extreme II SSD (which was recently reviewed HERE) provides your generic scale for size reference on both products. If you're wondering what came packaged with the mouse pad, the answer is unsurprisingly nothing; the mouse pad was simply rolled up in its box ready to go. The mouse, on the other hand, came with a set of four weights at 4.5g each, a "sport" palm rest for the mouse, and a packet with a quick start guide and a couple COUGAR stickers.


It is really hard to take a bunch of pictures of a mouse pad, and I'd quite expect you to get bored with much more than the three I decided to provide you with. It is indeed simply a mouse pad. This one has what I would call the more typical feel, with perhaps a bit more squish than your cheapy mouse pad. It is of course much larger than most and quite frankly is much more than my current setup can handle without being under the keyboard quite a bit. That being said, I can't wait to take it to work where I have a bit more space. I would say it is a slight bit thicker than most mouse pads, or at least it feels like it next to some of my more used pads. It has quite the blindingly, but much enjoyed, orange color as the base rubber color, though it is quite subtle once placed down. A COUGARSPEED logo with the actual COUGAR logo are screen printed in the lower left corner, giving minimal effect to the amount of surface area available. Ultimately, it's another BIG mouse pad that just happens to mesh in color with the mouse also in review.



Now we can spend some time on the COUGAR 700M gaming mouse. From the top down view, you can get a pretty good idea of what the mouse looks like. There is a bit of silver in the stock appearance, along with some black plastic. The buttons escape with their own color-coordinating gray. The base of the mouse is a rather bright orange, which is actually advertised as a sort of separate base to the entire mouse. I have to say, as a Clemson alumna, I quite enjoy the color choice. The bottom of the mouse shows off this clear separation of the aluminum orange base of the mouse; it is clearly a separate piece in the entire mouse build. You can also see the perfectly placed skates on the four corners of the mouse and the additional larger pad on the thumb region. There is also a smaller one off the backside of the orange cross pattern for added skating surface. Honestly, this is probably one of the smoother skating mice I have had in some time. I can't tell if it is the skates themselves of the lightness of the mouse, but it glides quite incredibly across both my aluminum mouse pad and the SPEED-L pad.



Looking at the front of the mouse, you can further enjoy the aluminum frame. Though it doesn’t take on the full shape of the mouse on its own, you can still appreciate it popping up through. The scroll wheel fits nicely between the two orange flanges and is quite the quiet wheel as well. I found it to loosen up after some use, but scrolling down (toward me) still remained very smooth and quiet despite the scroll up gaining some audible click and clank. You can also notice from this angle, not only the offset cable, but the additional cable protection as well. It is always nice to have a little extra protection at the root of the cable to prevent it from being pulled or bent the wrong way. COUGAR calls it the "MUZZLE BRAKE SR" that extends the durability during "violent play"; but I have to say it also just kinda looks cool.



The rest of the mouse is pretty neat and the buttons don't feel out of place. The usual forward/back buttons take a bit more click than you might be used to, but are positioned well. There is an additional button just off the left click button, that is just far enough to avoid accidental presses, but close enough to still reach intentionally. The additional sniper button on the thumb rest is at a 45-degree angle rather than the 90-degree angle we saw from Corsair and others. It's a nice relaxed button that takes little effort to press when wanted, but not so much that it's frequently hit by mistake. The overall looks of the mouse are a bit extreme, but quite likeable. It's something I think you'll quite enjoy as you become accustomed to it.



Here we come to the adjustable part of the mouse. You cannot say that about too many mice on the market. The R.A.T. mice on the market are said to have quite a bit of flexibility, and though I've never owned one myself, I have found the ones I've played with to be a bit unstable. So the idea of adjustment in my mind is thought to be a weak point/failure point. However, COUGAR makes a move to shut me up. Despite what the mechanics look like beneath the palm and the expectation to easily move the palm rest without wanting to, I couldn't move it without using the purpose-built screw to do so. Though I may expect to see some loss in strength over time, from two weeks of trying to move it the wrong way, I can only say it is still solid. From the rear edge of the mouse, you can measure a near ¼" of travel, which feels like much more beneath the palm. With my smaller hands, I preferred the lowest possible position, though it is nice to be able to change from the shipped position. That is something you can't say about most mice out of the box.



Although I have both hinted and outright said it a few times, I must again say that there is an additional palm rest included with the mouse. Besides providing the purpose of aero-dynamic "cool & dry", the palm rests are designed to allow both a "normal" and "sport" mode of comfort. The stock palm rest matches the left and right buttons in silver and is quite a bit larger than the "sport" palm rest. The "sport" palm rest is flat black to match up with the rest of the mouse, and almost seems tiny on the mouse itself. Although it looked a bit strange at first, I ultimately preferred the "sport" rest 100% of the time over the "normal" rest. Again, with smaller hands, it was just better fitting. Although it is quite easy to swap out between the two palm rests (simply pressing a button to release and slide it off) I didn't find myself changing more than the first time. In the end, I really just see myself losing whichever is not in use, or wondering several years down the road what the COGUAR branded part is for. I think most people will be the same way, choosing one and ultimately sticking with it for the life of the product.



Knowing the COUGAR 700M was weight adjustable, I actually had to refer to the quick start guide after failing to find somewhere to place the weights in the typical bottom-of-mouse location. Turns out the piece just above the palm rest isn't just a stylish black plastic decoration; that is indeed the housing of the weight system. With a bit more force than you might normally apply, pulling on the back edge of this piece reveals the cartridge for the weights. The included four weights can sit back to back, top to bottom, in a 2 x 2 configuration to add an additional 18g to the mouse. I left them in for testing, and despite the extra weight, it is still one of the lighter mice I've used (that didn’t feel like plastic garbage). Thankfully, the weights also fit tightly into the cartridge causing no additional noise/rattle to the mouse.


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