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COUGAR 700K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


COUGAR 700K Keyboard Conclusion:

I would try to phrase this in a nice way, but that just isn't me. I hated this keyboard on day one, day two, and heck, maybe even still at the end of all this. Unfortunately, it's only for one reason – the damn split space bar. Who the hell thought this was a good idea? You never realize how often you might alternate between thumbs for this key press until you use the COUGAR 700K. You also find that you might hit close to the split itself, so when you think you've resolved the problem by making the G6 a space click as well, nope. You will now hit both! Congrats on having the most annoying keyboard to use daily.

Over a few hours of use I forced myself to learn to use only the left space bar and reach a bit further than my normal home row position. This allowed me to use the keyboard, but I'm not sure that made me any happier. I feel it's not fair for me to judge this keyboard purely on the space bar itself; perhaps some of you out there will love this so called "feature." So to try to be a little more… I want to think about the things above the 600K that make this more worth my extra $20.

The backlighting is pretty badass. The modes you can set while it is "sleeping" from use can be quite entertaining. Whether it is a random pattern, rolling left to right, or top to bottom, it is quite a conversation starter. I can't say that for $20 this alone would be enough to make me jump from this over the 600K, however.



  • Groovy orange backlighting that is fun when "idle"
  • Good grippy feet for glass (and all) desk surfaces
  • Four switch options for your style of use – blue, brown, red, and black



  • The split space bar – I don't want to talk about it anymore
  • It's a little up there in cost; but not a bad upgrade price from 600K
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