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COUGAR 700K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


COUGAR 700K Keyboard Closer Look:

Before we put that wrist rest on, let us take a look at the keyboard itself; besides, I actually kinda like keyboards without them (at least most of the time). It does seem a bit big compared to most keyboards, mostly noticed in height. The longer width is expected since it does have the number pad AND the macro keys. I think the bit of height will fit nicely with the wrist rest, so perhaps I will be using it after all. But in general, I must say it also looks nice without it.

The back of the keyboard is pretty much like the back of nearly any other keyboard. It has rubber pads on the bottom two corners and on the two pop-out feet. On my glass desk, I found it difficult to move around even without the feet down, so there isn't too much to worry about for those of you out there who tend to push your keyboard around gaming.



It looks a little like the 600K with the biggest distinction being the split space bar. Looking at it makes you do a little double take on its appearance as something just seems a bit off. Really, it is a normal US layout just with a 45 degree split on the space bar to provide a G6 button, otherwise known as an additional macro button location for your desire. I'm not a fan of the double space bar out of the box, but we'll see where it goes.

The COUGAR 700K has a bonus wrist rest much like the 600K. I'm pretty sure it's exactly the same (perhaps even interchangeable between the two keyboards). It has two magnets underneath the faux golden screws added for aesthetics. The magnets help with holding it in place, as well as helping you align it as you add and remove it between gaming and working. It doesn't look like a huge difference in height, but the rubber texture really seemed to provide a nice sweat free palm space while gaming. I did find myself often leaving it in place despite not gaming, mainly from being lazy, but it was nice that it required no tools or effort to simply toss to the side or drop back in for another round of GTA V pounding.



Time for the double space bar. I've already played with the keyboard at the point of writing this, so I'll be frank – I hate it! I don't like the split. Even several weeks, maybe even months later now I can't stand the double space bar. I've found that I'm finally trained in using/dealing with it and am able to type almost "normal" with a little struggle yet (ask my editor - editor's note: seems decent so far, but coud make the typer more aware). For normal typing it's a bit difficult to get used to. You will find that you often alternate thumbs while typing or perhaps prefer to press right about the center and hit both! Despite the software allowing you to set the G6 as whatever you desire – you still need/desire a simple space bar. Typing is hard.


To avoid making this entire review about how much I dislike the space bar split (as this isn't fair to say everyone will hate), we move on to the rest of the keyboard. I must remind you the double space bar is strange to someone who relies on typing for a living. The 700K from COUGAR does pick up something the 600K didn't offer: MACROS!!! I know many of you out there are macro fans and I just grabbed your attention. I'm not much of an MMORPG or a gamer who finds macros to be the best thing since sliced bread… nope. Most of you know how I play already, and I prefer a smaller keyboard as opposed to one with all the extra keys and blah blah blah – but I realize that this review is for more than me. So yes, macros, wooo, you've got them. It's a standard set of five keys down the left side. They ARE actually red switches to match up with the keyboard, which is something some companies have cheaped away from and put regular rubber domes under. Although not having gamed with macros much, it's hard for me to say whether this is really a plus or not (macro gamers, give me some feedback please!!!).

You will notice at the top left of the keyboard there are the profile options, so you can configure your keyboard for multiple profiles for different games and different uses without having to open up the control panel every time you want to go from work to gaming or game to game for that matter! They are simple click buttons that light up in the COUGAR orange as you switch between them.

Over on the right side you have your typical media selection. The upper rack holds the play and stop buttons with equivalency to the profile selectors. You also have your light option button and Windows key lock up here. A little further down you find another set of buttons for volume control. These were a bit of a bugger to get off, but they are rubber dome underneath as well, which makes sense, as mechanical here would simply be a waste. Still, it is always nice to be able to control your music without switching windows as well as game volume when that one guy gets on who just simply doesn't understand the concept of mic too close or is a horrid mouth breather – come on guys!! But just a reminder while we're over here pulling keys – we've got red switches on the board. Which means I should remind you it's available in other switches in case you don't like reds (like me), you've got the choice of red, brown, black, or blue. So about everything for all your likings (although I still LOVE Topre and greens!!!)




Again, like the 600K, the 700K from COUGAR has the gold COUGAR logo sported at the top of the keyboard. I don't notice it much over the orange glow in a darker room, but it is there. I'm not really sure what I think of this other than I still really like simple stealthy keyboard that don't have to be so covered in branding. I prefer keyboards and components like my cars -- debadged and keeping others guessing what I've got. But that's my opinion. COUGAR is proud of what it has, and seems to have this similar badging scheme on all of its products. It's up to you 100% when it comes to appearance. I'm just going to tell you what is here. But do notice the braided cable while you're gazing here – that is always a plus in a hodge podge of cabling.

The bottom has rubber skids on the feet that provide enough thickness to keep the keyboard in place while the feet are up or down. The front corners also have some significant rubber pads that really help keep the 700K in place on a glass desk. It's easy enough to scoot around when you need to, but stays in place while you are typing or fighting the epic boss fight in whatever game of the night it is.



This keyboard has some pass-through cables, which means the last ten inches or so of the cable fan out into what almost seems like a mess of cables. You are left with two USB ports and a headphone and mic jack for options to plug in. You have to at least plug in the labeled keyboard USB plug. I give a bonus point here for labeling them with pictures rather than leaving me guessing which one is which. The other is a pass-through for a single USB port on the back of the keyboard. This can keep you from getting up to the back of your hard to reach case and provide you with one more port you might not normally jump up for. Same for the mic and headphone jack. This can be super nice if you have a case that is inside of a desk or just hard to get to in the dark. Personally I've used this option on keyboards a few times, but my case has some awesome front ports that usually keep me covered; I still appreciate the option nonetheless.



Now it's time for some of everyone's favorite part of a backlit keyboard, the LIGHTS!!! Starting with some more basics, you have your indicator lights in COUGAR orange to remind you whether num lock, caps lock, or scroll lock are engaged. The overall keyboard seems to have reasonably even lighting. The number row seems to be the main row of concern along with any of the other keys having two level printing. The numbers are noticeably different in lighting, but it's not the end of the world and somewhat expected considering the placement of the LED and the somewhat "norm" for back lighting with multiple cutouts of a key. Closer up on the number row and the function keys you can notice the unevenness in lighting; still very readable in the dark, but still "different." The top row buttons for media and profile selection are lit up, as well as the volume keys. You can do it all in the dark!




Here are some additional lighting pictures for your entertainment. There are five different lighting settings from the sun looking button on the keyboard. You have the option of OFF, three levels of brightness, and a breathing light feature. From the software you have the option to turn on or off individual keys at your own discretion. Turn on or off whatever you want!



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  2. COUGAR 700K Mechanical Keyboard: Closer Look
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  5. COUGAR 700K Mechanical Keyboard: Testing & Results
  6. COUGAR 700K Mechanical Keyboard: Conclusion
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