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COUGAR 700K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Price: $149.99

COUGAR 700K Keyboard Introduction:

The COUGAR 600K was the midrange keyboard model on the COUGAR lineup when we looked at it in earlier this year. The top of the COUGAR keyboard lineup was, and still is, the COUGAR 700K. Today we take a look at it as an upgrade from the 600K.

If you check out the COUGAR website and look at the keyboards currently marketed, you'll notice there are three keyboards with basic similarities in appearance. The features that obviously make the 700K stand out from its 600K and 500K siblings are its full mechanical spectrum (including the macros), backlighting, and addition of a split space bar for an additional macro (literally at your fingertips). The aluminum/plastic body is carried through from what we saw in the 600K and again has a removable additional rubber wrist raiser on the left side.

The main excitement that many of you are willing to pay a little extra for is the backlighting. In this case the upgrade cost is $20 from the 600K, which I suppose could be worth it. We shall see. Every key is backlit, including the macros, number pad, and even the media and mode buttons in a very COUGAR orange color. This, of course, isn't changeable (not RGB level yet), but it could add a nice touch to go with that COUGAR orange 600M or 700M mouse you might pick up with it. The COUGAR UIX software system makes it nice to pair up your devices, which is a nice commonality that companies have started doing to help you stay brand-loyal. Let's check out what the 700K has to offer.

Closer Look:

As always, we start with the box pictures. We are again reminded that COUGAR is a German company via the COUGAR Germany logo in the upper right of the box. I'm not sure it matters where my gaming peripherals come from, honestly, as long as the quality and availability is there. However, I guess you could say it's nice to see a little representation from where it is actually being made/coming from. The front of the box has a nice image of the keyboard lit up, showing off the orange backlighting. It honestly looks a lot like the 600K with added lighting and a row of macros.

The back of the box appears quite busy, to say the least. You have a small breakdown of the keyboard wrist rests on the upper left corner. Some of the mode switch keys and media keys are labeled to help you see what might be available. The upper right of the box shows off ten of the key features the keyboard has to offer, from the mechanical keys and aluminum structure, all the way to the USB and audio pass-through.



The edge of the box shows us the available mechanical switches the COUGAR 700K offers. Of the four options (black, red, brown, or blue), we will be looking at the CHERRY MX Reds. It's been awhile since I've used Reds, so it will be a nice revisit to why I never quite liked them;,but we won't let that tarnish the review of this keyboard. It's about how it feels in general and how well it performs at its duty as a keyboard.

Opening up the box, I get a bit of déjà vu on opening up the 600K box. The packaging is really quite similar. The foam is nicely cut to hold the keyboard exactly in place. Despite my wanna be soccer player delivery men, it easily got here in one piece. I have recently begun to really appreciate good packaging after how some of my boxes have arrived far from recognizable condition. Regardless, props to COUGAR on this one.



Out of the box, I'm already impressed with the quality. It has a bit of oomph to it without necessarily being heavy; I think we can thank the aluminum body covering for that. Despite still being composed mostly of plastic, the keyboard itself has hardly any flex to it. You can't simply twist it, let alone try to bend it. It is pretty solid right out of the box. There is a lot of cabling, more than you might be used to with your typical keyboard; this still catches me off guard despite having had several keyboards with both USB and audio pass-through.

Included is the main wrist rest separately with the additional left hand rubber wrist rest to give you a little more in gaming. You also get your typical starter pamphlet and some awesome COUGAR stickers for that beer, er, I mean, beverage fridge of yours.

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  2. COUGAR 700K Mechanical Keyboard: Closer Look
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  4. COUGAR 700K Mechanical Keyboard: Specifications & Features
  5. COUGAR 700K Mechanical Keyboard: Testing & Results
  6. COUGAR 700K Mechanical Keyboard: Conclusion
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