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COUGAR 600M Gaming Mouse Review


COUGAR 600M Gaming Mouse Conclusion:

The COUGAR 600M got a lot more time under my hand for the review than many other mouse reviews. Due to what I'll just call, LIFE, it got a little more time to be scrutinized. Which ended up being a good thing. I can tell you honestly that I'm ready to change mice again, but it’s not because this one is "terrible". It is NOT. It is a nice mouse, I just have some other favorites. What I really liked about this mouse was the sniper button. It reminded me of one of my first favorite reviews, the M60 from Corsair. I wore that sniper button out. It's amazing how having the advantage of reducing DPI can do for you. The 45 degree angle for it was a bit different than pressing inward on the mouse, but it wasn't hard to get used to.

The scroll wheel was an issue I only found from "longer" use, that I probably would not have noticed in a typical review testing time frame. After enough use, it started to squeak a bit, and in general make more noise. However, enough use later, and it's back to no squeak. It seems like it will be something that comes and goes. It still works, and that is most important. I did find that because of the sniper button, the mouse itself is a little more susceptible to static shock. I live in the desert and the office has carpet. A dry day and dragging my socks I sat down and got a good shock myself; through the sniper button and into the ports. Didn't like that – neither did the mouse. Shut off till I gave it another port. Was happy again on reboot – but still. OUCH!

The comfort issue in longer hours of gaming is probably what really set me off this mouse, it just seem like the right edge of the mouse becomes sharper and sharper as the night goes on. It's not a smooth body like the Corsair Mizar. It instead is a little more polygonal and drops off the edge. The focus on the left side comfort for the thumb and sniper button, while exceptional, leaves me wondering if they just forgot about the other half of my hand. I'll probably be switching out this mouse after some good time trying to get used to it. Just not my style. It's not a bad mouse; the quality is there, software is there, general fit is there, and the left comfort is enough to be excited for. I just warn you, if you have smaller hands, it might not work out. Larger hands, I'm not sure – that edge is still an edge. Ultimately it comes down to preference, so it's up to you to decide. You have my thoughts and experience, now tell me, is the COUGAR 600M for you?


  • Relatively cheap AND decent quality.
  • Large skates for smooth gliding
  • Fun color profiles you can use, though colors are hard to set just right.
  • Left side comfort is great – awesome planning on the thumb rest and sniper button.


  • Scroll wheel gets squeaky after a couple of months.
  • DPI indicator lights can't be changed – always orange.
  • There is an edge on the right side of the mouse, you'll find it after a couple of hours.

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