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COUGAR 600M Gaming Mouse Review


COUGAR 600M Gaming Mouse Software:

The software for the COUGAR 600M is on par with the rest of the COUGAR UIX stream. Because they now allow you to configure all your components in one place, the software download is simple. You only have one to choose from – there's no mistake for grabbing the wrong installer. Plus, once you have it installed, adding additional COUGAR products is simple. You'll be able to manage your keyboard, mouse, and headset within the same software interface. Pretty neat if you are brand committed.

The main screen, when opened up, allows you to change between peripherals in the lower left corner. As you can see it shows the image of the current configuration you are changing – in our case, the 600M. The default tab is Performance on the left. Here we can change the different DPI settings that you are able to scroll through on the fly (assuming your profile is setup this way) and chose to only have from one to four different DPIs to cycle through. You can opt to change your X and Y axis adjustments independent of each other if that is your style as well as set the super-secret sniper DPI setting on this page (note that you'll have to have the sniper dpi setting enabled on the key assignment page to take advantage of this – it's not set out-of-the-box).

This page allows you to control the usual Windows setting of pointer speed, which helps resolve switching between the control panel and this. You can play with polling rate, lift height, double click speed, angle snapping, and even scroll speed. It's really up to you to spend a little time to get exactly what you want. COUGAR just lets you control more than you might be used to!


The Key Assignment options are a bit more graphical. Words are still involved if you aren't good at figuring out the pictograms, but it does make it quick and easy to pick and place what you want where with the associated buttons. The default leaves the "sniper button" unused; so be sure to install the software and drag that sniper option over. Or perhaps you want to set up some AWESOME macro settings? If nothing catches your eye on the basic settings, as we all know, right clicking and left clicking aren't all that exciting – hop to the advanced tab.

I show the DPI options below, but the drop down menu leads to so much more. This is also where you'll find the sniper option. But worst case you want something a little more interesting and the macro tab is the place. I actually wrote a macro "boom" to write out PANDA just for fun. Stupid yes, but it shows just how flexible and versatile the macros can be. You can also set every button on the mouse to the same thing and even render your mouse un-clickable! So be careful while having fun…




The final control panel is the Lighting Control, a favorite of many. It's pretty simple and much like the other parts of the software, very intuitive to use. You don't need to think too much to click on a color you want to use and hit apply. You can choose to let the color be off entirely, fully lit, or the classic breathing pattern. I will note that it'll take you a little effort to get the exact color you want in some cases. The color on the screen isn't always quite representative of what you'll see on the mouse. A little playing around and you'll eventually get at least close.


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