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COUGAR 600M Gaming Mouse Review


COUGAR 600M Gaming Mouse Closer Look:

Top down shot. You begin to have an idea of what this mouse looks like. It is a left dominate mouse providing lots of support for your thumb, extra length on your "fire" finger, and slopes downward to finish off your claw stance. I have relatively small hands, and it makes me wonder a little how a larger hand might sit on this mouse, but compared to most mice, I feel it's about the same fit (so I don't worry too much for you bigger handed persons).

You should notice the two buttons below the scroll wheel. These are set to DPI up and down by default, but really can be about anything you like, including about any macro you can come up with. The left four indicators that look like little air vents are COUGAR orange lights that indicate DPI. Depending on what you set the four levels to in the software, it can indicate what level of DPI you are set. The "stock" settings climb from 800, 1600, 3200, to 5600 DPI. However you can change this to whatever you prefer (between 50 and 8200 DPI) AND vary the X and Y axis independently.

The bottom of the mouse shows off its large perimeter skates. The glossy texture itself would probably do okay on its own without the skates, but that does not lend to playing well on multiple surfaces. I for one switch between an aluminum mouse pad and a standard cloth pad. The 600M has four skates. There is a smaller one beneath the cable connection, a taller one to the left of that covering the right click area. Then there are two corner pieces at the bottom left and beneath the thumb section. In use, it seems to be just enough for smooth gliding on both my cloth and aluminum pads.




Taking a look more from the side, you might see two additional buttons you may not have noticed yet. Although I get frustrated using mice that don't have these two buttons (often for forward and back in browsing as well as a melee smash in game), I still find some mice manufactures leaving them off or attempting to be fancy by re-positioning them. Stop it! They work well where they are, and thankfully the 600M supports me on this.

They are in a perfect position to reach slightly up for and the sniper button keeps with this and is just slightly down from a natural position. Unlike the M60 from Corsair (yes its "old" now, but it was one of my FAVORITE mice for a very long time), the sniper button is a little bit lower and actually angled at a 45 degree angle from the surface (rather than 90 degrees right in). In general use, in a rather natural position, my thumb sort of rests on the button. Either COUGAR thought of this or it just worked out by design, but the button itself has a bit of movement before it actually clicks. That means you don't accidentally press it just by holding the mouse. It doesn't take TONS of effort to press, but you won't press it without meaning to.

You can, again, like the other buttons, set this to about anything you want. So perhaps in some game you want some crazy button combo set there for the killing blow; but I decided to use it as a sniper button and gave it a lower DPI setting since I'm a terrible shot, the slower motion helps with the precision of my shot.



In general I found it to be a "different" looking mouse; and like most people who say something is "different" I thought it was kinda ugly at first. However, after getting some real use in, I had a different opinion. I kinda liked the mouse a little. It got to be a little less ugly and we got to be friends. Okay not really, that's stupid. But it did grow on me a bit. The subtle lighting options as show in the next set of images made it easy to have something a little personal. One thing I never really liked was the lack of the ability to change these darn orange indicator lights. They are stuck the COUGAR orange indefinitely. Which makes changing colors difficult as you're stuck with these orange things that won't go away. But honestly it's not all about looks – but it is something if you are a little OCD, it will bother you.



Here a couple colors out-of-the-box that show off the neat lighting of the mouse. I actually enjoyed the subtle light from beneath the left click. It wasn't overdone and wasn't beneath my palm (which often seems to cause a bit of heat production). The breathing effect really worked here too – a lighting feature I often ignore. In this case you actually see the lighting while using the mouse something those palm logos neglect. I will say when you see the software, you'll be excited about the range of colors you have to play with here even if it is difficult to get the color from the screen down to the mouse. The orange indicators don't change like I mentioned before, but perhaps you can use them as part of your scheme? I ended up matching orange with orange for most of its use, but tried playing with Clemson Orange and Purple to be different too. It does let you have a little fun, so enjoy it.



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