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COUGAR 600M Gaming Mouse Review

Price: $59.99

COUGAR 600M Gaming Mouse Introduction:

The COUGAR 600M is the current mid-range mouse in the lineup. There is the COUGAR 200M, the 600M, and the 700M. We looked at the 700M here on OCC a little while back along with the Speed Mouse Pad from COUGAR. The cost has since come down and the 600M and 700M can be found for about the same price. The 200M seems to be an even cheaper option; so options are available for every budget. There are some feature differences between the models, but the main differences seem to be in overall appearance. There are obviously some bonuses to spending a little more, but for many of us, the stylization of the mouse, the comfort, and feel matter more.

The COUGAR 600M is a palm grip style with added curvature support below the thumb. It is very much a right-hander mouse with no easy way to use it otherwise. Though, I have found left-handed mice less common, with the majority of even left-handed gamers using the mouse right handed. As for appearance, the COUGAR 600M actually comes in two body color options. There is the typical matte black body and then a very COUGAR orange body option. Today we'll be looking at the black version, though I think the orange could be a lot of fun. There is the personalization option to change the color beneath the left mouse button to any of the 1.8 million in the color spectrum, so you can find something to make you happy. As with most mice these days, there are buttons for on-the fly DPI settings and a nice rubber coated scroll wheel. The soft touch texture and the bonus 45 degree sniper button should make this mouse an interesting one to handle. Let's get to it!


COUGAR 600M Gaming Mouse Look:

Starting off with the box pictures, we are subtly reminded that COUGAR is a German company. There is a nice logo with the German flag in the upper right corner of the box. It's a slight subtlety that I honestly had forgotten after having written one of the first COUGAR reviews. I feel it doesn't really matter WHERE a mouse comes from, rather more importantly, its performance. The box is nice and detailed. It has a lot of information and a lot to show, while somehow remaining simple. The very front shows off the mouse itself with an ominous orange glow. There is what almost appears as an orange band around the middle of the box (though you see, it doesn't go around the box) that holds 600M in big attention grabbing letters. Below that we are told it is a COUGAR gaming mouse – in case you didn't get that from the COUGAR logo in the upper left or the picture of well, the mouse. But really, it puts it all together and I'd probably complain more if "MOUSE" wasn't spelled out on the box.

I digress, and you've probably moved on. Three of the favorite features are listed on the front of the box: 8200 DPI, 32-BIT ARM Processor, and eight buttons. The lower right corner ensures you are getting the black version of the mouse: "Black Edition". The side of the box gives off a side profile of the mouse as well as the specifications, which are found later in this review. The other side shows off some of the features, which are also found later in the review. At this point, your attention is set on changing colors, using the sniper button, and well, maybe pairing it up with a COUGAR FUSION through your COUGAR 600K keyboard perhaps. Nonetheless, this final side, and the back of the box, spouting off features has you wanting to look more at the mouse.



But before I let you have a peek, though you clearly can move on without reading this, A teaser is provided with this box. I love vacuum fit packaging on mice. Though it's not a perfect feel for what a mouse feels like it lets you almost try it out in store when they don't have any demo mice out. You can, at minimum, get the general feel for the size of the mouse. But I'd be kidding if I said, or thought, many people purchase gaming gear in store these days. For one there aren't a lot of stores out there, and two there are too many online retailers who often beat local prices. Regardless, it's neat, and if you do buy it online you can still "try" it and be able to send it back without opening it.

Now I'll let you see it out of the box. You have to, at least, take a moment and appreciate that when I get items such as this, I have to force myself to not tear open the box and start playing with it. Instead I spend my time taking these pictures so you can decide it's right (or not). Either way, enjoy my forced patience in playing with a new mouse. Out of the box, it has the feel of a decent mouse. The plastic doesn't chatter and bang about like cheap mice with loose switches. It has a bit of robustness to it without feeling heavy. I feel there is no other way to say it, but it doesn't feel cheap. Not that it feels like a block of gold to surf the net with, but you just know what a cheap mouse feels like (we all do). The cable is braided nicely and shall fit among the other cables on my desk without getting stuck or binding up. Of course you have your start up guides here as well; don't lie, you won't read them. The fun is in the sticker, where will you put yours on?



Before we break down each aspect of the mouse, just enjoy the glory of the mouse right out of its package. The mouse body is all matte black and accented with its glossy buttons and main body ridge. It has a little bit of a tactical look without being overly complex like a RAT mouse. It is a little more than simple, but doesn't overdo it.


  1. COUGAR 600M Gaming Mouse: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. COUGAR 600M Gaming Mouse: Closer Look
  3. COUGAR 600M Gaming Mouse: Closer Look (The Software)
  4. COUGAR 600M Gaming Mouse: Specifications & Features
  5. COUGAR 600M Gaming Mouse: Testing & Results
  6. COUGAR 600M Gaming Mouse: Conclusion
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