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COUGAR 600K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


COUGAR 600K Keyboard Conclusion:

All in all, the COUGAR 600K is quite a nice looking keyboard. It has improved my thoughts on COUGAR as a brand in its entirety. A while back, I saw COUGAR as a cheap (though expensive) peripheral maker. That thought has been whipped away with the last few products I've gotten my hands on. The quality is much more on par with the market, and with the 600K I think I can safely say I could beat my way through zombies. COUGAR has officially earned its name off my blacklist for items.

The 600K is a strong competitor for keyboards. You have your options for mechanical switches: Red, Blue, Brown, or Black. You have N-Key roll-over, up to 8 repeat, and discrete media keys. Overall it's a pretty nice keyboard, especially with the aluminum base and "floating" keys. The brushed look really brings an extra appeal to it making it fit the high-end market. It’s not just the look, it's actually brushed aluminum. It's purdy! The COUGAR logo in "gold" at the top isn't my favorite, but that again is personal, so we'll leave that out of the judgment. The real downside to me was the additional wrist rest for gaming under the left wrist. It was a nice thought, just not a great execution nor too well accepted by me. I found it to be more in the way than anything and because it doesn't really stay in place all that well, it was just another thing to be in the way.

Overall, the COUGAR 600K is your general non-macro mechanical keyboard. It is good looking and works – however, the budget is yours to be decided. Although it has the aluminum, it's still a little up there cost-wise. It's hard for me to determine whether or not I'd pay the extra cost for the looks or not; though looks are nice. Ultimately, it really comes down to what you're looking for.



  • Aluminum base, not plastic.
  • Optional, gaming-centric COUGAR orange LEDs (WASD and arrow keys)
  • Full Number Pad.



  • Aluminum adds to the cost – the cost in general is a little up there.
  • Additional wrist rest for gaming just gets in the way (another added cost).


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