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COUGAR 600K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


COUGAR 600K Keyboard Closer Look:

Now that we have the COUGAR 600K completely out of the box, let us take a closer look. I'll leave the wrist rest off to start, just to give you an idea of what it looks like without. It is easily removable and clips on and off as you please without complication. The front of the keyboard is appealing to the eye. The aluminum back plate makes it look really nice and the black accents at the top and bottom complete the package. There is a large shiny gold looking COUGAR logo and letters atop the keyboard near the USB cable. They sadly grab my attention away from the otherwise nice looking keyboard. I tend to appreciate more subtle logos, but I guess I can understand the desire to have your product name to be known.

The back of the keyboard has a standard sticker in the middle providing information on the product; what it is, compliance, and a serial number. There is one "Do Not Remove" sticker preventing you from opening the keyboard and claiming falsely an RMA, which is something I haven't seen on a keyboard, really ever. I find it a bit odd, but I guess it's some legal deal, and if you have the desire to take it apart you won't get any sympathy from COUGAR down the road; more a warning really. There are two large rubber pads on the bottom edge as well as two on the retracting feet (which actually appear to have some hold even when down!).



The dual wrist rests pair up to be friends with some magnets. Mine actually shipped missing a couple magnets and things didn't want to quite stay in place. A little super glue fixed the problem, and I could continue on about my ways. COUGAR representatives state that this was likely a pre-production/release issue and has stated that QA has resolved this problem with any you might purchase.

But back on topic, these wrist rests are easy to add/remove. The big one clips into place on the keyboard quite easily and quite familiarly with many others like it on the market. The two gold looking screw objects on the left of it actually have supporting magnets on the back. Between those and an additional one lower on the wrist rest, the FPS rest clings to it and adds an added bit of height to your walking hand as well as some grip with its rubber texture. It's a neat design, but I'm not all too sure how much I'll actually end up using it. Time will tell.



Now that I've attached the wrist rests the keyboard seems to be coming all together. It does have a little more of an appealing appearance with it all suited up. The black wrist rests matching the key caps and the rest of the board sure seem to make a nice combination. I can certainly say that I'm liking the way this keyboard is looking.


This keyboard has a few bonus features, despite not having any software to install. It has media keys in the upper right to allow you to control both volume, play/pause, stop, and skip without too much effort. Athough this became a "big" deal several years ago, it is still nice to have on a keyboard as independent buttons. Up in this area you also have a Windows Lock key (which actually looks like a Windows lock), as well as a light control for the keys that do light up. Between the two sets of buttons is the indicator lights for the Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock. These nicely light up in COUGAR orange to indicate use.

The left upper side of the keyboard sports a few more buttons. This time they are for repeat rates over USB. You can decide the speed of repeated commands by selecting either the 1X, 2X, 4X, or 8X options. If you've never had this option before, you're in for a bit of fun. Just hop to a notepad window and try out the different rates. Overall you've got these additional features as well as a full number pad. It's quite the setup, and a nice little step up from "basic".

I also provided you a closer shot of the COUGAR logo and lettering. While it does indeed look rather nice, it still takes away the really clean look the keyboard has going. I'd really prefer no logo if it were up to me…but then again I don't really represent the market in its entirety.




Most of you have probably seen what a Cherry MX Switch looks like by now, and if not in person, have probably already Googled it to know better as well. But, for some reason I still always enjoy pulling a cap off or two to eye what is really there. It doesn't look like much, but that is a mechanical switch!


The dual wrist rest on the left hand adds a bit of extra height. You should also notice, as I have mentioned before, that the added support is rubber coated. It seems to provide a little more "tack" to keep your hand in place while gaming. Without it you can see the rest of the wrist rest that can be used for both hands while typing normally, or even for gaming without the extra pad. From the side profile view, you can really see the profile of the keyboard and wrist rests. It has a natural slope up away from the hands. The wrist rest holds your hands about the level of the first set of keys on the keyboard, with a focus on getting a comfortable place for WASD. Without the additional wrist rest, your hands fall nicely in place. But for saving desk space, or if you prefer not to use the rest (which I often don’t use), you can unclip it easily and put it away.

My favorite look to this keyboard is the floating key caps. They look as if they hover above the base of the keyboard with little effort. It's a clean look and I really like it. Looking from the side, you can really see how high they seem to sit, though in reality this normally would just be hidden with the plastic keyboard casing. This design should help you clean out your crumbs if you eat at your desk! For the rest of us, it's just AWESOME!



The COUGAR 600K features a USB pass-through. This means an extra plug on the cable length, but it also means you can plug USB devices in right on top of your desk. I've always found them a little tricky to use as you can't see exactly which way to plug it in, but you eventually figure it out! It is convenient for plugging in a mouse with either a shorter cable or when your case is far enough left to cause problems. Otherwise, it's a nice place for a quick USB stick to plug in or really any other USB devices when you have run out of front ports (great for plugging in your phone to charge at your desk!).



The 600K also has a few LED lights to spruce things up a bit. The WASD, arrow keys, and indicator lights all glow in COUGAR orange! You have the option to turn off the lights on the WASD and arrow keys completely, turn them on full brightness, two steps of brightness down from that, and a final pulsating (breathing) mode. The repeat rate is controlled with a physical button in the upper left corner of the keyboard. If you've never had 8x, be careful, as you might need some time to adjust with the delete/backspace keys. The left Windows key with the 6K option on the SCR LK key will give you 6-Key Rollover and the left Windows key with the PAU BRK key will give you the N-Key Rollover. The Windows lock key is just above these keys and can be toggled on and off to prevent loss of full screen during game play. It's very advantageous if you are like me and tend to rage smash your keyboard – no more accidental tab outs! The indicator lights for num lock, caps lock, and scroll lock all turn orange when initiated. It's quite a nice uniform look and color. The media keys (shown prior) do not light up, but are very simple and obvious for use, and simply work out of the box.



  1. COUGAR 600K Mechanical Keyboard: Introduction
  2. COUGAR 600K Mechanical Keyboard: Closer Look
  3. COUGAR 600K Mechanical Keyboard: Specifications & Features
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