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Corsair, G.Skill, Mushkin, and Patriot X79 Quad-Channel Memory Review



SiSoftware Sandra 2011: In this program, I will be running the following benchmarks: Cache and Memory, Memory Bandwidth, and Memory Latency. Higher is better in all tests, except for Memory Latency, where lower is better.
















AIDA64 Extreme Edition: is a software utility designed to be used for hardware diagnosis and benchmarking. I will be using the Cache and Memory benchmark to test each module’s read, write, and copy bandwidth, as well as the latency test.


Higher is Better

In the Sandra testing, the Corsair GTX8 modules offered the highest memory bandwidth and lowest latency, yet close to the lowest result in the cache and memory test. When overclocked, the Mushkin Ridgeback Redlines and G.Skill RipjawsZ modules achieve better results in the latency as well as the cache and memory testing. The AIDA 64 testing shows that frequency is king in read, copy and latency tests, while the write testing saw better results from the modules with tighter timings and lower frequencies. The difference isn’t by much, as the results are close enough to not see any real world change in performance. Overclocking shows benefits, but the majority of the upswing rests in CPU speed-based performance improvements.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look: Corsair Vengeance 16GB C9 1866MHz
  3. Closer Look: Corsair GTX8 PC3 19200 10-12-10-27
  4. Closer Look: G.Skill Ripjaws Z
  5. Closer Look: Mushkin Redline
  6. Closer Look: Patriot Division 4
  7. Specifications & Features
  8. Testing: Setup & Overclocking
  9. Testing: PCMark Vantage, PCMark 7, Geekbench, Super Pi 1.5
  10. Testing: SiSoft Sandra 2011, AIDA 64
  11. Testing: Battlefield Bad Company 2
  12. Conclusion
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