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Corsair Flash Voyager GTR 32GB Review



The Corsair Voyager GTR is by far the fastest flash drive that I have tested to date. The drive utilizes a quad-channel architecture, which allows for incredible speeds of up to 34MB/s reads and 28MB/s writes. With its high read and write speeds the Voyager GTR managed to outpace the competition and in test after test, left all other drives in its dust. This drive is perfect for those who transfer large amounts of data and don't like to waste time waiting while the drive is transferring or accessing the data. With the GTR drive you won't be wasting any time and in fact I was able to use the copy and paste method with a nearly 7GB file and finish the transfer in less than ten minutes. This is amazing considering that I used another drive with the same file and it took nearly twenty minutes to complete. That is a savings of fifteen minutes to get your data transferred and move on to your next task. On top of the amazing performance, the Voyager GTR series boasts an impressive amount of storage and can be purchased in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB models, depending on your storage needs. To put that in perspective, the smallest model, which is the 32GB drive we are looking at today, can store up to 7782 songs, around 15565 digital photos and 152 hours of video. This amount of storage is beyond the needs of many users, but as file needs grow it is nice to know that your drive has the capacity to handle your files for years to come. Also, with the GTR series you get some of the features that have made the Corsair flash drives so popular over the years, the durable rubber casing, a long warranty period and the included accessories. The rubber casing that Corsair uses with the Voyager GTR looks cool, is shock proof, water resistant and has been proven to protect Corsair's drives from drops, bumps, spills and the occasional getting run over with a car. I have used Corsair flash drives in the past and know first hand how durable they are. However, I was skeptical of the casing being water resistant; so to test this out, I dropped the drive in a glass of water, left it submerged for around 15 seconds and then let dry overnight. The next morning the GTR drive was dry and to my surprise worked as if nothing had happened. If the casing does somehow fail you and the drive dies, Corsair has your back with a 10-year warranty.

One knock on the drive would be that it doesn't utilize the new 3.0 USB interface, which could have enhanced the performance to an even greater level. But since most users still don't use USB 3.0, it does make sense to stay with the current USB standard and push it to its maximum instead of adapting a new technology, especially one that is not yet widely in use. One other thing I found out during the review is that the cap, though it fits tight when on the drive, can be easy to lose when not on. In the end, I did find my misplaced cap, but if you lose yours and can not recover it, Corsair does offer replacements that you can request directly from its website. Overall, the Voyager drive is amazing and even though it comes with a slightly higher premium than the other Corsair series, it is without a doubt definitely worth it.



  • Very fast transfer speeds
  • Quad-channel architecture
  • Large data storage
  • Durable rubber casing
  • 10-year warranty
  • Comes with lanyard and extension cable



  • Doesn't utilize USB 3.0 technology
  • Easy to lose the cap


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