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Corsair Vengeance M90 and K90 Review



In conclusion the M90 is a pretty nice mouse; however, it didn’t win me over the M60 Corsair released just before it. To be honest I will probably pass this off to one of my MMO-playing friends who might be able to get some better use out of it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just the extra buttons that made me not want to keep it around it was the slightly awkward placement of the programmable buttons as well as the default forward and back buttons that made it just a bit awkward for me to use. The mouse itself worked well, and trust me, it was nice being able to set extra mouse functions here and there – it just wasn’t comfortable for my “little” hand. I’d still recommend the mouse, but I still prefer the M60 over the M90 hands down.

I still loved the weighted scroll wheel, it felt like I had better control and it didn't feel cheap nor did it have the horrible grinding scroll sound when going through several pages of information. The ability to add in the Sniper button was also still by far my favorite aspect of the entire mouse. I'm not much for sniping and getting many headshots because I tend to never "lock-on". The Sniper button allowing me to slow down my motions really helped me grab a lot more head shots than normal and enabled me to actually attempt to snipe things I normally wouldn't have bothered with. It sort of felt like cheating, but I loved it! M60 vs. M90 – it really depends on what games you play. If you don’t play MMOs or RTSs then go for the 60, and obviously if you do play them…go for the 90. No brainer.



  • Lots of buttons
  • Nice feel, sturdy, and pretty comfortable



  • A little expensive
  • Nine programmable buttons are somewhat awkward to reach if you have small hands

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look - M90
  3. Closer Look - K90
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Configuration
  6. M90 Testing & Results
  7. K90 Testing & Results
  8. M90 Conclusion
  9. K90 Conclusion
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