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Corsair Vengeance M90 and K90 Review


M90 Configuration:

The M60 had a little bit of semi-optional configuration. If you want to use it just as is, it will play nice in Windows 7 and comes with default settings for forward and back on the buttons as well as default DPI-setting changes. However, if you want to take full advantage of what you paid for (all 15 programmable buttons) take a second and install the current beta driver/software from Corsair's website. It seems like it shouldn't be in beta anymore but I guess that’s one way out of issues on the customer-support end.

Either way, if you have multiple Corsair products installed on one rig when you start up the software, you can cycle through them at the top right. On the left, a diagram of the current selection comes up with numbers pointing to specific buttons of the mouse. Click on the number of the button that you would like to change, then click advanced options to pull up lists of both basic and advanced commands to set for the button. You can also play with playback options to have your button press be a rapid fire button, press continuously or press a specified number of times. You can even control delay options under the Delay Option button. You pretty much have free control over what each of the 15 buttons of the mouse do.

















The second tab at the top "Manage Performance" allows you to control the actual movement of the mouse itself. You can set the three DPI settings of the buttons on the mouse to whatever you desire. The Sniper function, as on the M60, can be set to a "lower" DPI setting of your choice – you can even set it higher than your normal settings just for fun. You can control the DPI settings in increments of 100 starting at 100 and going all the way up to 5700. The sampling rate and lift height can all be controlled here as well. The surface quality test allows you to see how well your desk acts as a mouse pad compared to your mouse pad, pad of paper, or whatever it is you use as surface. Higher quality = better mouse control.


The last tab allows you to manage different profiles you decide to set up. If you and your friends, family, or significant others tend to share a computer in the house it's nice to be able to quickly switch between profiles. Some people like a fast mouse, others don't. No need to come to an agreement here, just have your own settings! Name them, delete them, or store them to the mouse. It's nice being able to manage all the different ones without having to remember who is "Profile 1" – just name it "Loser" or whatever nice name you call your siblings.


K90 Configuration:

The K60 had a little bit of optional configuration as well. The keyboard of course functioned as any keyboard might if you had the plug n’ play option. However, if you want to take full advantage of it and use those macro keys then you’ll want to install the software. Again the software is a beta version, but it seems to work just fine. They even have a firmware update available now – so be sure you are keeping things up to date. The keyboard and mouse software are essentially all-in-one. You just need to install the separate drivers for each. So when you bring up the software you can see the option to cycle between keyboard and mouse in the upper right corner.

There are really only two pages to play with here; the first page lets you play with a lot. “Assign Keys” allows you to assign the 18 macro keys to whatever your heart desires. You can control playback options with the number of clicks per press under the playback option button. Advanced options allow you to assign basic commands to the macros – such presets as open web browser or save file. The delay options button obviously lets you set delays of your desire. For me, I just set up some ASCII art to spam and see what servers would like to ban me today.



The only other page is the “Manage Profiles”. It works pretty much like the mouse options. You can save up to 50 different profiles here and name them whatever you want. Save them locally, import them from your friends, or even save them to your keyboard so when you play on other peoples computers you macros are right there with you – no problem.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look - M90
  3. Closer Look - K90
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Configuration
  6. M90 Testing & Results
  7. K90 Testing & Results
  8. M90 Conclusion
  9. K90 Conclusion
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