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Corsair Vengeance M60 and K60 Review


Conclusion K60:

Lastly, the K60 is one of new favorite keyboards. I am not a big fan of macro settings aside from when I spam ASCII art or annoy friends; so not having them wasn't an issue for me. The red "gaming" keys were a nice added feature and a lot of fun to use. They are a little odd to type with, as they offset your hands just enough, but they can also be swapped out relatively quickly.

The first disappointment I really found with the keyboard was the quick wear of the keys. The E, F, and N key are nearly gone after only a week's use. My WASD keys are fabulously white having been using the red keys for the majority of the review. Sadly, or perhaps not so sadly, it's not just grime on the keys from food or dirty hands; it's actually just the lettering wearing away. It looks like I've already had this keyboard for a year – I fear what it will look like after a full year has passed.

The keys themselves are also lighter than a lot of other mechanical keyboards, which in turn causes the keys to stick a little once in a while. Even while typing up this review I've had the shift key and space bar get stuck just long enough that I had to stop and regain my thoughts while trying to get it unstuck. Fortunately, a few rapid presses of the key always fixes it, and it doesn't happen too horribly often so I cannot complain too much – it's just something odd that I wouldn't want happening in a gaming situation. Since it's designed for games, that's something to think about.

Despite these things I do like the keyboard. It's comfortable, and it is sturdy enough to beat someone up (note: no one was harmed in the making of this review). The media keys and volume roller drum are something noteworthy, and the fact that I can use it straight out of the box without drivers always makes me happy. It's a nice product, but the key wear needs to be addressed in revised editions – perhaps they'll be kind enough to send out new keys under warranty if they can come up with something that wears a little less quickly.



  • Swappable gaming keys
  • Media drum roller volume
  • Sturdy build



  • Key wear is very poor


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