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Corsair Vengeance M60 and K60 Review


Closer Look:

Now that we have the M60 out of the box let's take a full 360 look to see if it is something worthy of being in your hand. From the top-down perspective it looks a little like the RAT5 without the large, adjustable thumb section. The M60 isn't adjustable by those means but it wasn't intended to be. The body itself is one of the better-feeling mice I've ever held. The left and right body segments have a roughened surface for better grip; it just feels nice. The top portion has that classic smooth feel, much like a Razer DeathAdder if you've felt that before. At a slight angle you get a little better view of the overall body of the mouse. You can see the forward and back buttons as well as that fancy red sniper button. You can also see a little of the aluminum body poking through there – it almost looks like some kind of bug body, like a beetle or something of that nature.















The side profiles always seem to tell the most about the mouse. It gives you an idea of how thick the mouse actually is. The right side of the mouse shows off a bit more of the inner aluminum ribs. You can't see the texture difference I've mentioned, but I like it that way. The left side shows the forward and back buttons along with that sniper button. It's a red-metallic, painted plastic button with crosshairs depicted on it. When holding the mouse, my hand sits with my thumb resting perfectly on the button ready to kill.



Taking a little look at the front you can see the rather large scroll wheel. It has a little weight to it, being made of aluminum rather than plastic, and feels very nice when given a spin. The weight of the wheel gives it a quality feel, and it doesn't feel like they cheaped-out here. It has a little rubber "tire" on it so you can still get good grip. Right below the wheel is the DPI selector with indicator. By default these buttons are set to increase and decrease the DPI settings of the mouse. The indicator between the buttons lights up between a high, middle, and low to show three levels of DPI settings. The back end of the mouse sports a printed Corsair logo with its patented three sails.



Looking a little closer at the front, if you hadn't noticed in the previous pictures, the cable actually doesn't extend from the center of the mouse. It is actually offset and comes out the left click side of the mouse, just below the button. I found this feature pretty nice while using it, and to me it seemed that both the positioning and the braided cable worked together to make sure I didn’t get caught up nearly as much as with other mice I've used. Perhaps I've just learned to use mice more efficiently, but it's certainly a novel idea.

The bottom of the mouse is partially covered in aluminum. It has three removable weights; all you need is a flat blade screwdriver or perhaps just a coin to loosen them up. The screw head comes out and reveals a metal doughnut weight inside. Three of these add up to a little weight, if you like a light mouse just remember where you put the weights when you change your mind down the road. Personally I feel no need to adjust the weight – it feels nice, solid, and not too heavy as is. Five smooth feet are attached which provide a nice glide on any mouse pad.



The mouse glows blue when plugged in via USB. A couple lights in the front illuminate the scroll wheel aluminum a bit and a couple up top light up the DPI indicator and buttons I told you about earlier. The blues between the scroll wheel and indicator seem a little different from one another…but it's not too noticeable if you don't look for it. It's a slight difference, something you often see even between blue LED fans from the same manufacturer. Overall it's good looking and the fit seems just right.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look - M60
  3. Closer Look - K60
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Configuration - M60
  6. Testing & Results - M60
  7. Testing & Results - K60
  8. Conclusion - M60
  9. Conclusion - K60
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