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Corsair Vengeance M60 and K60 Review

Price: $69.99 and $109.99


Corsair is a popular company when it comes to power supplies, RAM, and cases, but a recent exploration to the "dark side" has lead Corsair to their Vengeance product releases. The series contains a couple keyboards, a couple mice, and currently three headsets to choose from in their lineup. So if you've always been a fan of corsair products, it's time to literally get your hands on some serious gaming gear.

Combining superior responsiveness, precise accuracy, and reliable controls, the Corsair Vengeance series claims to allow you to perform at you highest level. The M60 is an enthusiast grade 5700 DPI laser sensor mouse designed to change the way we game. Being optimized for first person shooters, the ergonomic design has a dedicated sniper button to temporarily reduce your DPI settings for more of an accurate lock on those headshots. With a total of 8 programmable buttons you can demolish all your friends all night long.

The Vengeance K60 is yet another mechanical keyboard designed for performance gaming. With Cherry MX Red key switches (most of you are starting to know the different switch types) you can imagine the sensitivity and low operating force everyone loves. The response rate is ultra-fast and responds in a predictable linear pattern unlike other types of keys on the market. The K60 has swappable WASD and 1-6 keys designed with a specific contour to the gaming position. The red gaming keys have a different texture designed to reduce slip so you can focus on gaming but still allow you to swap back to the "normal" keys for everyday general use.

So today we'll take a look at the Vengeance 60 Series from Corsair. Both the M60 and K60 will be in my hands for gaming and everyday use. Do they hold up to what Corsair claims? Is your next paycheck going towards one of these or both? You'll have to do some reading to uncover the answer…

Closer Look:


The M60 from Corsair came in a nice little cardboard box just like any other package surprise that shows up on my doorstep. Inside I found a lovely little plastic shell package containing the mouse. My favorite type of packaging besides the really strange boxes is the type that allows me to see the full product right away.

The cardboard card inside the box is detailed with a faded red to black behind the mouse with "VENGEANCE M60" printed to the left and right of the mouse. It says on the front that it's designed for performance gaming in two languages: English and French. On the back of the package it continues with these two languages to point out seven solid features as well as some technical specifications. It talks about the 5700 DPI and the side-mounted sniper button, two of the major features of this mouse – the rest can be found on the specs and features page.









After taking away the plastic, this picture of the mouse sitting in place almost looks fake, as if it wasn't there. I assure you it's there; the lighting often plays tricks with flat black products such as this one. Pulling apart the little cardboard insert reveals a little quick start guide and a small booklet about the warranty information (since they give you 2 years for something to go wrong – although since I've been holding it, I'm already fairly certain I won't be needing the warranty). The cable comes wrapped up with a nice Velcro strap that stays on the cable even when undone – looks like this will be a nice mouse to take on-the-go, to LAN parties, and wherever you may game.




The K60 showed up on my doorstep in a nicely packed box as well. The packaging again plays with the red fade-to-black color scheme that the M60 follows. "VENGEANCE" is in huge yellow letters on the front of the box with a nice picture of the keyboard behind it. The top right corner lets you know you have the K60 from the series, and a little plastic window on the left even gives you a little peek inside.

Like with the M60, we again see the English and French languages on the box. The back of the box shows another angle of the keyboard with the wrist rest attached. Six key features are listed next to a quick description of the Vengeance series itself. It brags about Cherry MX Reds, contoured and textured WASD keys, anti-ghosting, the cushioned wrist rest, and aluminum chassis. The edges of the box show some of the features closer up and provide a quick list of specifications. The box even reminds you that you have a 2 year warranty with this product in case something goes wrong down the road.




Tired of looking at the pretty box and product pictures, I wanted to take the keyboard out and get a good look at it already. It comes in a recycled, molded, encasement when you pull it out of the outer box. The package is shaped to hold the components perfectly and appears to protect the product well. It looks like an environmentally friendly attempt despite the large plastic cover. The red contoured WASD keys are on display and just asking to be put on the keyboard right away.



Flipping the package over you can really see the contours designed to hold the specific package contents. The wrist rest, bundled cable, quick install guide, and warranty booklet are all neatly hidden within their own recesses. Pulled away from this nifty packaging the keyboard looks pretty nice and I'm looking forward to using it already. The cables come neatly bundled with the Velcro wrap just like the M60; it looks like Corsair was really using thinking caps when they put it all together.



The 60 series is quite appealing to the eye, as both the M60 and the K60 are pretty sexy out of the box. I'm ready to use them but I'm guessing you'd like a little more up close and personal look at the two – not just some box shots. Visit the next few pages to get a good look and see how each of these peripherals perform.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look - M60
  3. Closer Look - K60
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Configuration - M60
  6. Testing & Results - M60
  7. Testing & Results - K60
  8. Conclusion - M60
  9. Conclusion - K60
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