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Corsair TX750 V2 750W & TX850 V2 850W Power Supply Review


Closer Look:

The black matt finish, used on the TX750V2 and TX850V2, always looks well in my opinion.


















The rear of the power supply with its hexagonal holed exhaust grill, the usual IEC mains input connector and mains on/off switch and large clear model number sticker following the colour scheme of the packaging.



The cables are fully sleeved all the way into the power supply enclosure which always improves the appearance and the inclusion of a plastic grommet on the cable exit port prevents damage from sharp metal edges.


The side panel carries a large model number label with the Corsair name and logo. The label is inverted on the opposite face presumably so it’s visible the right way up no matter how the power supply is mounted and it’s visible through a side panel window.



The large black 140mm cooling fan is covered with a black wire grill bearing the Corsair logo at its center.


A comprehensive specification label on the top face includes a specification table, conformance marks, production test and serial number stickers with a short note on the dangers of opening up the unit.



The TX750V2 and TX850V2 have a fully captive cable set that is identical on both units.


The cooling fan used in the Corsair TX750V2 and TX850V2 is a good quality Yate Loon D14BH-12 rated at 12VDC 0.7A. A clear plastic baffle has been installed behind the fan on both power supplies to redirect the airflow for maximum cooling.


The printed circuit boards on both power supplies look identical but there are some differences. The values of two main smoothing capacitors in the top left hand corner are different on both boards and there are differences on the secondary side on the right hand side. These differences are good to see because it shows the board has actually been upgraded to cater for the higher power. The capacitors are all good quality Japanese branded components of the more welcome 105°C working temperature rating.



The Corsair TX750V2 and TX850V2 power supply build quality is excellent with good packaging and a nice set of accessories. What more could you ask for? Let’s move on and see how well it performs.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Power Supply)
  3. Specification & Features
  4. Testing the TX750V2: DC Voltage Load Regulation
  5. Testing the TX750V2: Efficiency, Power Factor & DC Quality
  6. Testing the TX750V2: Temperature, Noise Level & Fan Speed
  7. Testing the TX850V2: DC Voltage Load Regulation
  8. Testing the TX850V2: Efficiency, Power Factor & DC Quality
  9. Testing the TX850V2: Temperature, Noise Level & Fan Speed
  10. Conclusions
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