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Corsair TWINX1024-3200LLPro RAM Review

Corsair Memory
Price: $290 USD

Today we are looking at some XMS Pro series memory from Corsair, the TWINX1024-3200LLPro. The XMS Series memory is Corsair's superior memory line. More specifically their XMS Pro series is "designed, optimized, and tested to support xtreme gaming". This memory has a very large surface area for better cooling with the heatspreaders and it also features LED activity lights. With dual channel DDR motherboards becoming the standard, enthusiast are out to find the fastest and most superior memory on the market. In our review today we will be testing the TwinX PC3200 memory with two different chipsets and we will also test the overclocking ability of the memory. So, without further adieu lets see what this memory is made of!

About Corsair
If you have never heard of Corsair Memory before, then you must be living under a rock. Corsair is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, memory companies in the world. The company started in 1994 and has rapidly earned the reputation of being the first in everything they do. Their focus has always been on supporting the special demands of mission-critical servers and high-end workstations, as well as the performance demands of extreme gamers. Corsair thoroughly tests their memory for compatibility with many of the major system platforms. Their high standards is what sets Corsair a part from the rest.

Just a few days ago Corsair announced their new XMS2 family of xtreme performance DDR2 memory modules. They are the very first memory company in the world to support the new DDR2 standard. DDR2, the second generation of Double Data Rate memory technology, includes new features such as a larger 4-bit prefetch and programmable on-die termination (ODT) to reduce signal bounce and improve reliability at high speeds. This goes to show that Corsair really does stand up to their reputation of being the first in everything.

What is Dual Channel DDR?
One of the most mis-understood facts about dual channel DDR is "dual channel DDR memory". There is no such thing as Dual Channel DDR memory, however there is such things as Dual Channel platforms (or chipsets). There is nothing special within the memory itself that distinguishes that it can be used with Dual Channel or not. The motherboard is what distinguishes if the memory should run in dual channel mode or single channel mode. In order to take advantage of Dual Channel DDR you must fill the first two memory slots on your motherboard with two identical memory sticks. This is the reason why memory companies like Corsair packages two identical memory sticks. Here is how the Dual Channel DDR works:

One memory controller on your motherboard reads and writes data while the second controller is standing by ready for the next access. This eliminated the "wait time" or delay found with single channel motherboards. With this delay gone you can see up to a 10% increase in performance. While 10% may not be all that much, it can definitely help the power users who are seeking every ounce of performance.

  1. Introduction & What is Dual Channel DDR?
  2. Features & In-depth Look
  3. Installation & Testing
  4. Overclocking & Conclusion
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