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Corsair Scimitar RGB Optical MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse Review

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Corsair Scimitar RGB Optical MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse Testing:

The Corsair Scimitar RGB Optical MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse was defiantly put through over a week of use and testing. During this time it was used it in everyday use, surfing the Internet, Photoshopping, and of course some gaming. As a mouse is personal to each and every individual, so how it responds in these various tasks is important in different ways to everyone. This rather subjective review is best to provide you the feedback from use rather than assigning made up numbers trying to compare one mouse to another. It's pretty easy to distinguish the likes and dislikes of a mouse through words rather than leaving it to you to decide what a 7 or 8 really means. No guessing game – here's what I liked, and here's what I hated.

Testing Setup:



Corsair Scimitar RGB Optical MOBA/MMO Gaming Results:

Everyday Use:

For everyday use this mouse, as most gaming mice are, is likely overkill. However it's good to talk about how it works out in everyday use as I don't know anyone (one of you out there will have to prove me wrong) that switches mice between gaming and web surfing.

The Corsair Scimitar actually isn't too bad in everyday use. I can configure a profile for everyday use that doesn't affect my games and makes life surfing the net pretty normal. There are tons of extra buttons and I've monkeyed with setting them to skip songs, control volume, and mess around. But the main point being that there's little hindrance to everyday use. I could just as easily choose two buttons to be forward/back and be good to go.

The adjustable DPI settings for quick on-the-fly changes are actually quite nice (as with other mice) to switch between various applications for more precision or quicker movements.



Gaming wise I was pretty absorbed with Fallout 4's release. The in-game controls were easily mapped to any of the buttons I wanted, making it feel a bit hackish to not have to move to some undesirable reach of a key on the keyboard and minimizing what my walking hand had to do. The adjustable DPI allowed me to fit my preference for looking around and precision for shooting to just what I needed. I actually had a great time. The mouse skates are smooth, the scroll predictable, and button clicks reliable and reproducible.

I'll be honest and state that I haven't dived into a MMO or MOBA for the mouse yet, and I'll be honest again and tell you I don't really play true MMO/MOBA games. Yeah, throw rocks at me, however I do see how the mouse clearly calls for its use in such manner. Even just in my world of ARPG of Diablo 3 I can see how I could damn near play the entire game with one hand with this mouse. In the world of WoW, all of you out there, can assign at least 12 different actions just beneath your thumb for minimal efforts. But I must point out that I quite enjoy this mouse even not being a true MMO/MOBA gamer.

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