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Corsair Scimitar RGB Optical MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse Review


Corsair Scimitar RGB Optical MOBA/MMO Gaming Software:

I generally don't include shots of the installer, but the Corsair Utility Engine installer was quite nice looking so I decided to include some snippets to show you the ease of use you are in for!

The welcome screen is the usual, I WILL INSTALL! Click Next! This rolls into your license agreement that we all accept without hours of reading. The only real option you have is the location of the install and then you're about done! Just a few Next clicks away!!





BAM! Software installed and started up. Pretty quick and no need for reboot. My mouse requested a firmware upgrade on start and took about a minute to finish. Now I'm the latest and greatest for software and hardware.

The software has a lot to offer and to really get your coin out of the mouse you'll need to explore every menu in greater detail. Here I'll provide you with a glance into every menu and some of the key options you'll be looking for. First you'll note there are menus in menus. So even first glance you are on ASSIGNEMENTS from PROFILES. Here you can do the obvious and assign all the buttons. The numerical buttons in particular are fine for assigning actions – just make sure you create them under the ACTIONS tab before attempting to assign them. The Remap Key/Button was a little less trivial to figure out, but gives you the options to set forward, back, and DPI settings as you desire. There's a lot here that you can do with assignments, so have at it. The actions tab, as you will soon find out, allows your dreams to run wild.



The LIGHTING tab under PROFILES lets you change, you guessed it, lighting! Here's where you can change all four zones we've discussed in depth up to this point. Again my choice ended up being "Rainbow" with a slow speed.

I mentioned the alcove light is set somewhere else – here in the PERFORMANCE/DPI menu you can assign that color based on your DPI setting. Whether you make them all the same or assign them different colors is up to you. You can change the pointer speed here, as well as adjust the DPI range in increments of 100 from 200 to 12,000.



The ACTIONS menu has a lot to play with there. Setting up macros of all your dreams between keystrokes, changes in DPI, media controls, and mouse options. You can record and create about anything you imagine. I spent a little time here, but only scratched the surface of what you can do. If you have super specific needs, let me know – I'll try it before you buy!

I will note that after I found the location to place my custom lighting (from the next section here) with ACTIONS – the custom actions for media options (at least volume up/down) were not working. The lighting initiates, but the action does not. Perhaps another little flaw that needs work?



The lighting tab is supposed to be where you can create full blown custom color profiles. Setting the gradiant changes, the colors, and about anything color related your mouse can do. However, the instructions for how to do this don't seem to map to this particular mouse. It is missing the menu to assign the custom profile. Either I'm a bit slow here while you're calling me out already saying "it's right there," but the option under PROFILE LIGHTING to use this new LIGHITNG isn't there… at least right now. I'm working with Corsair to find out what's up. Until then – keep your eyes peeled, I'll be updating this! But in the meantime know this awesome feature is here and seems to work for other products I found videos of on the Googles.

Slight update: the lighting can be applied to custom actions in the ACTIONS tab – seems to be the only place you can apply them (at least for now). However, as I mentioned above I was unable to have the functionality of custom media keys work with custom lighting; the lighting did trigger, just the volume change did not.



One of the final tabs is the wonderful SETTINGS tab. Here you can look at your general software settings. How it interacts with Windows on startup, and options to update firmware and device just in case it hasn't prompted you to. You might notice under the PROGRAM tab that you need firmware version 1.20 or greater for 16.8 million color mode, but the latest and greatest appears to be 1.06. Not sure if this is a carry over from an older product (Editor's Note: Most likely referring to keyboard firmware), but in general it seems the software has some ironing out to do. Lot here – just doesn't all work, yet.

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