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Corsair Katar Optical Gaming Mouse Review


Corsair Katar Optical Gaming Conclusion:

Overall, the Corsair Katar is not a mouse to call home about. It's not even something I'd consider gifting a fellow gamer this holiday season. It's not that the Katar is poorly constructed or that it is just cheap quality, it is the fact that it is missing key features that many of us probably just take for granted. I didn't realize how much I'd miss having my side buttons until they were simply taken away. It's nice that it makes it easy to switch between lefty and righty users, but honestly I don't care. I'm a righty and I want my buttons! The annoying red light was at least easy enough to turn off, but I'm slightly annoyed that I would have paid to have that light there and then not use it.

At MSRP, I'm a little put off by the mouse. It is solid build wise, but there is no desire to have it. I would take a crappier mouse just to have some side buttons; not just for browsing, but for gaming. It's my favorite melee button selection and damn the last couple fights in Fallout 4 trying to remember the correct key binding. Perhaps it's the game causing a little extra rage at the mouse, but really, I wouldn't consider a mouse without the side buttons after the experience with this one (and this was a nice one). Perhaps this is one to pick up on sale, but the lack of such a common feature really made this one a swing and a miss.



  • Small form factor – almost too small, careful!
  • Great simplistic textures and shape



  • No side buttons for forward/back or melee or anything *sadpanda*
  • Tangle-free cable isn't a braided cable
  • Single color option (at least you can turn it off)
  • Still pricey for a very basic mouse
  • Ambidextrous "feature" removes real features


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