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Corsair Katar Optical Gaming Mouse Review


Corsair Katar Optical Gaming Closer Look:

Top down, the Corsair Katar is actually a pretty pleasing mouse to look at. Although it does take a slight bias to righty mouse users, it is designed to be symmetrical and therefore ambidextrous in use. Not much of a lefty myself, so I can't really tell you, but I can say the cuts are the same left to right. The mouse appears very clean and simple with basic two tone coloring. The exception will come when I plug it in to light the Corsair sails up in bright red, but for now enjoy the simplistic appearance. The bottom of the mouse reveals the optical sensor along with three relatively large skates.



The side of the mouse appears a little naked with no buttons for your thumb to visit. I guess this is something you give up for being ambidextrous; I find I'm still bothered by this. I know a few lefty gamers and they still mouse right handed. I feel if a lefty really wanted a left mouse, he'd go out and find one (yes, all lefty's chime in and complain now how the selection sucks). No reason to gimp a product to make it more "universal;" can't have it all.

Enough of that for now, it's obvious my opinion on removing the buttons, so let's focus on the rest of the mouse. The rubber grips are quite comfy. They mirror what was on the pinky grip of the Corsair Scimitar (which I liked very much). The remaining matte body leaves for a nice dry feel no matter what gaming environment you are in.



The butt of the mouse has the newer Corsair sails in a muted white. In most cases, and as we already know from the front of the box, this means it will light up. This time we won't have full RGB and instead have a forced RED color, which I know some of you will love. The fourth button outside of the left, right, and middle click typicals is right below the scroll wheel. The standard has been to place a single or set of two buttons here for cycling the DPI. The default for this button is DPI cycling indeed, however it can be changed to about anything you want. I ended up trying it with the "back" button option. It does not light up in any fashion, so I found it a little challenging to associate what DPI was set rather than feel.

The scroll wheel is not too shabby. It is relatively smooth, but it does have a bit of a noise when scrolling quickly. It's not loud or really all that annoying, but I can say I have had nicer scroll wheels.



For the most part, I find the simplistic appearance of this mouse very nice and comfortable. Sometimes the looks of a mouse get in the way of functionality and in this case (besides the ambidextrous deal) it's function over looks. I approve. I will remind you again here that it is a smaller mouse. It seems to want the claw style grip (even though I do not mouse that way) rather than a full palm seating. I almost want to say it's a bit small even for me to do so. I am still indifferent to the feel of this mouse despite having used it for a couple weeks now. The cable on this mouse isn't braided, which I found quite odd. Even for being the cheaper end of the spectrum, I have not seen a mouse without a braided cable in quite some time. I was slightly disappointed by this. The USB connection was at least easy to locate for the back of my case. It's in bright yellow, so I'm sure not to mistake it for something else.



Providing a couple more shots of the mouse, I don't have a lot more to say. It's your pretty basic mouse with minimal features. It's a pretty nice looking mouse despite its red glow! I will mention here in the final shot of the mouse; the red is much more bloody than this. It sadly is so red my camera isn't sure what to do!



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