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Corsair Katar Optical Gaming Mouse Review

Price: $49.99

Corsair Katar Optical Gaming Mouse Introduction:

I'm late to the console world in getting my Xbox One over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, so I've been enjoying my time well spent playing Forza 6. I'm usually a PC gamer, but there are a few things that are just better in the console world. Not to start that argument, but where I am going with this is my new nano controller I got for the Xbox One. I have small hands, so when I can pick up a small controller, life is good. Same applies to the PC world; sometimes I want a small mouse, one that fits said small hands. Today I get to share with you the Corsair Katar Optical Gaming Mouse. It is just that - a smaller handed mouse.

Now the name of this mouse I also found fitting, while also feeling a bit Klingon-esque like the bat'leth. Turns out, Katar is also a weapon, technically meaning dagger, originating in India as a small dagger blade representing a sort of status symbol. Perhaps that isn't the meaning Corsair was looking for, but the Katar gaming mouse is a nice, smaller mouse that perhaps could show some status.

Most companies in the gaming peripheral market have a tiered price range for the products. This doesn't mean the most expensive is the best, nor the cheapest the worst. The Katar is Corsair's cheaper mouse right now, but it isn't lacking the typical Corsair zombie killing build. Its MSRP is $39.99, and for the market that isn't terrible. The first thing you notice about this mouse, however, which jumped at me before I got it out of the box, is the lack of side buttons. There are only four programmable buttons on this mouse: left, right, middle, and a bonus defaulted to DPI cycling. Let's not panic just yet, but this lessening feature draws me back a few years and has me squirm at having to use a key for melee again or, dare I say, click the back button in browser. So there it is up front – let's talk about what else this mouse does have to offer.

The latest string of mice from Corsair has the feature of being designed by professional gamers. The Scimitar we took a look at just a week or so ago was featured by pro WoW player Bajheera and this week's Katar is featured by Dong-jin "Helios" Shin. Helios claimed "KATAR has the performance I need, the comfort I want, and all the settings are just a click away." Let's see if all that is true.


Corsair Katar Optical Gaming Mouse Look:

The box for the Corsair Katar follows the same design as the Corsair Scimitar we just looked at. The box is mostly black with yellow accents and the true Corsair sails in a shiny, embossed chrome look. The front of the box sports the light weight 85g feature, as well as up to 8000DPI setting. The side of the box lists the package contents, as well as the minimum system requirements to let this plug and play.

The back of the box is a bit glossy with the layout of the mouse presented, as well as a nice front shot of the mouse to really help you get a feel for what this mouse looks like. Back here we learn of the four programmable click-stability buttons, on-the-fly DPI tuning, and the rubberized tension reducing soft-touch grips. Helios himself is even pictured on the back here with a quote for use of the Katar. Let's get this box opened up!



Opening the box involved removing a small circular sticky simply by pulling it off or, if I'd had a knife handy, cutting along the edge. The box inside is bright yellow, matching the box highlights. I don't know why, but I actually really like this bright yellow more than your typical stock brown box. Back to my usual self, if I'm paying for the box, I want my money in the mouse!

Out of the box is the mouse with the cable twisted up and a warranty pamphlet and quick start guide. Tossing the pamphlets to the side, like many of you will, let us get a better look at the mouse…


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