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Corsair HS1A Review



Disregarding Dolby Headphone for a moment, Corsair's second headset, apart from some negligible, minor differences, is identical to the HS1. Overall this is a good thing, because the HS1 is hugely comfortable and constructed very well. The quality that Corsair put into the HS1 is also present in the HS1A, without a doubt., and, I can see that the HS1A is aimed at gamers that don't have any USB ports available or want to use their soundcard. However, the lack of Dolby Headphone and the price that the HS1A is sold for, particularly when compared to the HS1, makes it a somewhat poor deal. Just take a look; the HS1 can be had for $90, and the HS1A for $75. Dolby Headphone is what made the HS1 a unique and excellent headset when it was released and sold for $120, and not just a comfy, durable headset. It was, and even more so now is, very worth the money. Take away Dolby Headphone and you get the HS1A. Yes, The HS1A is comfortable and is not cheaply put together, but, if you're willing to put down close to $100 for a headset, spend the extra $15 and go for the HS1. It delivers more, and though neither the HS1 or HS1A is even a decent choice for music, the HS1 is far better for movies and games, which is what you'd want a headset for.

The HS1A is certainly a high quality headset and certainly worthy of a little more money than something from Labtec or even Ozone, but, it's not worth as much money is it is, especially when the HS1 is available for very little more. Even without Dolby Headphone, if the HS1A was priced at $50, I would heartily recommend it, because it is much better than cheaper headsets.  However, because it lacks Dolby Headphone and is only $15 cheaper than the HS1, the HS1A just isn't a good value. So, if you want to buy the HS1A, don't: buy the HS1.



  • Sturdy construction
  • Comfortable, even after lengthy usage
  • Second set of earpads provided



  • Necessary lack of Dolby Headphone technology
  • Not the best for music, again.
  • Overshadowed by HS1
  • Price


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look: Continued
  3. Specification & Features
  4. Installation & Testing
  5. Conclusion
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