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Corsair HS1 USB Gaming Headset Review


Closer Look:

The HS1 is attractive enough in black and silver and not so flashy - perfect for blending into the background at a LAN party. The HS1 is made of plastic, but it isn't flimsy and it doesn't feel cheap. The plastic feels very sturdy and will definitely hold up to much battering and sweaty head wearing.  Attached to the left ear cup are the microphone and fully sleeved cable with in-line volume control.  The headband is thick, soft and bendable so it should fit even the largest heads comfortably. The headband itself is covered with a thin rubber sheet with the Corsair 'sails' and name embossed on top.
















The ear cups are permanently covered with a thin fabric sheet to prevent any dust, dirt, hair, earwax, mice, aliens, etc, from getting into the driver area and causing problems. The ear pads are soft, felt covered foam and though comfortable, do become rather warm and damp after 30 minutes or so of gaming.  They are detachable however, so if they become vile, take them off and wash them in warm, lightly soapy water. The HS1 features a myriad of adjustments to give the perfect fit. The ear cups manually retract from the headband approximately 1.25", can swivel and be turned inward. The microphone can be tilted upward when not in use and can tilt downward nearly 180°. The microphone boom is also partially bendable so it can be more precisely positioned to the user's liking.



Though the microphone is billed as unidirectional, both sides of the microphone boom contain breather holes and the microphone is very sensitive.  There is no option to turn the sensitivity down on the microphone, so be sure to turn the sensitivity down in games if the option is available, or failing that, turn the microphone up and away.



The inline volume control pod is very sleek and follows the silver and black color scheme. Though Corsair says that this is extra large, the pod is easily smothered by small hands. Aside from the Corsair 'sails' and name, there are also three buttons on the control pod. The reflective chrome button on top is a mute button for the microphone and only has two settings. The two circular buttons control the volume of the headphone and feature embossed symbols to differentiate them. The volume control buttons are surrounded by translucent plastic that glow blue by aid of LEDs when the headset is plugged in. The LED color changes to red if the microphone is muted. The LEDs are bright and easy to find in the dark and can help correct a muted microphone if it's in view. The only problem is with the volume buttons which can be pushed inward and under the plastic pod housing if pressed too hard. It is preventable by pressing the outsides of the buttons, though it can be a very costly problem in competitive gaming.


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